A Country Music Fan’s Guide To Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days. There are podcasts on almost anything, and if it’s not out there, anyone can create it. Whether it be about crime, TV shows like The Bachelor, or politics, there’s something for everyone. There are so many amazing podcasts created by people in the country music community. We’ve put together a list of the best podcasts for a country music fan to listen to.


Breaking Thru with Elaina Podcast

  1. Breaking Thru with Elaina Smith

You might know Elaina Smith from her co-hosting gig on the nationally syndicated radio show and ACM nominated “Nash Nights Live”. Whereas on the air Smith interviews everyone from Luke Combs to Lady Antebellum, Breaking Thru is a podcast exclusively for women impacting country music, whether it be country singers or people working behind the scenes. She’s been joined by everyone from country superstar Kacey Musgraves, Dolly Parton, to rising stars Avenue Beat to NYCountry Swag’s own Stephanie and Christina. It’s an empowering podcast that is so timely; listen to Stephanie and Christina’s episode here and to learn more about Elaina, check out our Woman of the Month feature with her here. 

Girls Just Pod To Have Fun

  1. Girls Just Pod To Have Fun

Nashville singer-songwriters/duo Jill & Kate, whom you might know from singing backup for Kelly Clarkson created a podcast that circles around Nashville, country music, the industry, and just life itself. The tagline speaks for itself: it’s a podcast about what to do when life doesn’t go the way you planned. They’ve had guests from Charles Esten, who played Deacon Claybourne on the ABC show Nashville to actress Lauren Grahm and they asked Stephanie and Christina to join them for their live podcast from New York City. To listen to their episode, click here.

Jill and Kate Podcast

Bobbycast Podcast

  1. Bobbycast

You might know Bobby Bones from is award-winning morning radio show The Bobby Bones Show, where he interviews all of country music’s biggest stars. It’s possible you know him from Dancing with the Stars, or his mentoring appearances on American Idol. Bones is everywhere these days, yet he still has time for his incredible podcast, Bobbycast. He talks to everyone from Jake Owen to hit songwriter Nicolle Galyon to Luke Bryan’s manager Kerri Edwards. He records the podcasts from his house, and they are more of a conversation than a traditional interview. His episode featuring Dustin Lynch is definitely one to check out, as is his episode featuring Nicolle Galyon. You can find it on Spotify or the Podcasts app.


Get Real! Podcast

  1. Get Real with Caroline Hobby

Caroline Hobby is a singer-turned-podcaster. She used to be in a band called Stealing Angels with Runaway June member Jennifer Wayne (who she also teamed up with to compete on The Amazing Race). She’s married to Michael Hobby, who is part of the country band A Thousand Horses, so she knows first-hand what it means to be a female in country music and a country artist’s wife. And that’s Get Real: she interviews the wives of country stars and songwriters, as well as female artists and women in the entertainment industry. It’s inspiring, it’s entertaining, and it gives fans a whole other perspective on the country music community. Her episodes with superstar Carly Pearce (listen here) and Luke Combs’ fiance Nicole Hocking (listen here) are two that stand out in particular.

All Our Favorite Peopler

  1. All Our Favorite People

Ashley Eicher and Hunter Kelly are two of Nashville’s most successful media personalities and are two close friends who love country music and Music City with all their heart. Their podcast, All Our Favorite People, is where the Nashville community comes together and shares their stories. They have guests like fellow podcaster Caroline Hobby to actor-singer Chord Overstreet to country superstar Kelsea Ballerini on their show where they talk all things life and career. Eicher and Kelly have a quick-witted dynamic, and it’s the type of podcast that makes you feel like you’re at the dinner table rather than listening to an interview. Their episode with Lauren Alaina is really great; to listen, click the link here. To find out more about Ashley Eicher, check out our Woman of the Month feature with her here.

This Nashville Life Podcast

  1. This Nashville Life

Country singer Kelleigh Bannen has had a really successful year: She released her debut record the past fall, Favorite Colors, is the host of Today’s Country on Apple Music and has a wildly successful podcast called This Nashville Life, which is hosted by herself and producer-engineer Kevin Sokolnicki. Bannen and Sokolnicki serve as your “tour guides” to Music City; they talk with people like Lori McKenna and Liz Rose, as well as Jason Owen, manager of Kacey Musgraves and Kelsea Ballerini and owner of Sandbox Entertainment. A recent episode with CMT’s Leslie Fram was posted, and it’s inspiring and will teach any country music about the industry and genre they love so much.

Let us know if there are any other podcasts that we missed that you love listening to!



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Women Want to Hear Women: Elaina Smith Chats with Carrie Underwood

Our July NYCS Woman of the Month and co-host of Nash Night Live, Elaina D. Smith featured Carrie Underwood as a guest, on the now national podcast on Westwood One ‘Women Want to Hear Women.’ The remarkable podcast shines the spotlight on different women in country music and counteracts the narrative that states women do not want to listen to female artists.

On September 3rd, the two accomplished women discussed the narrative in relation to the airplay given to female artists on the radio, women being pitted against each other, the singers new women-centered clothing brand “Calia,” as well as, Underwood’s upcoming, The Cry Pretty Tour 360 accompanied by duo Maddie and Tae and Runaway June (coming to MSG in NYC on October 2nd, 2019).

Smith and Underwood shared similar sentiments that there needs to be more women representation in country music, including on the radio, music charts, and award shows. More importantly, the podcast shines a light on the importance of women standing up for and empowering other women. The singer, producer, songwriter, and “BOSS”, shared this sentiment,  “I’m a fan, ya know. It’s good when women support women, and I think we can do more than that.  One of the good things that have come out of these conversations have been the rallying we have had for each other, behind each other, which we all need more of that in our lives. I feel like that’s where it starts.”

When asked about her 2019 tour, Underwood discussed the dismay she has seen because of her all-female lineup. She goes on to voice that “What rules we think there were, no. It’s about creating a norm […] This is just a tour.” This powerful statement supports Smith’s mission to create equality for women in country music. “I feel like the more we do of that, and the more normal it is, why would I not want to take women out on the road with me?!,” continues Underwood.

You can catch snippets of Smith’s ‘Women Want to Hear Women’ podcast with Underwood below, as well as, listen to the powerful conversation in its entirety on

Since Underwood said it best closing out the segment: “Thank you [Smith] for opening these doors to having these conversations because they need to be had. Because I’m like you, the more people, the women I get to know in this industry that are amazing, and talented and special and for whatever reason aren’t recognized as such, it just infuriates me. And, we just all gotta keep sticking together and voicing that and voicing our concerns.”



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Elaina Smith

NYCS Woman of the Month: Elaina D. Smith

Elaina Smith

You know her as one half of Nash Nights Live which is syndicated throughout all of the NASH stations throughout the country.  Along with Shawn Parr, Elaina D. Smith has been one half of Nash Nights Live since its inception.  In a recent interview with New York Country Swag, Smith explained how her journey to Nashville and to being behind the microphone of one of the countries most coveted radio shows has taught her so much.  Growing up in Southern California, she always had the ambition to follow her dreams, understanding that she would have to do whatever it takes to make them come true.

Country music was not a prominent genre in Southern California, but she recalls always having a true love for Dolly Parton.  From a young age, she knew she wanted to work in the entertainment industry, specifically a show like Entertainment Tonight.  “I always loved the entertainment industry, that’s always where my heart was, not necessarily being behind a mic or on the air, I just loved the hustle and bustle of everything that happens and the excitement of live shows,” she tells us. Networking through high school and her first couple of years in college at San Diego State University, she did land a job at Entertainment Tonight, but quickly realized  that that side of the industry was not for her. In order to pay for college, she took a job at a local radio station due to their ability to have her work flexible hours as a promotions assistant. After hosting events for the rock station, the program director asked her to audition for a morning show opening.  “I ended up sitting with the show for an hour and doing a mock show and I thought that was the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she explains.  “It was more in line with what I thought I wanted, I always knew I wanted to be in entertainment, I loved always working on the edge, that is what makes my adrenaline pump, it felt like a godsend that I got the opportunity to try it.”  She recalls this was a right time, right place situation and she was so lucky to have the opportunity to work for that station throughout college.

After moving to Florida for a job opportunity with Cumulus, a mere ten months later, she got a call from them regarding starting a country Nash Brand and a syndicated night show out of Nashville.  Her roommates at the time were always playing country music and she started to fall in love with the genre. Going from a small pop station in Florida to a national radio station was huge for Smith who says “I was freaking out that I was going to be on in New York, it was the most exciting thing to me to be on in New York and it still is.”  She loves living in Nashville and although she misses her family she is happy that she currently resides in a place that people love to visit. She stays connected with her family through technology, even having FaceTime wine dates with her mom.

Nash Nights Live Hosts Elaina D. Smith and Shawn Parr with NYCountry Swag's Stephanie Wagner and Christina Bosch

Nash Nights Live Hosts Elaina D. Smith and Shawn Parr with NYCountry Swag’s Stephanie Wagner and Christina Bosch

She loves how fast-paced Nash Nights Live is and how they consistently bring artists and unique content to country music lovers around the country. She tells us that her favorite artist to interview is Reba.  “She is such a good person and in all of her interviews she just always know how to give a great answer, how to engage, and how to make sure she is giving her fans something unique,” she tells us.  This past April, Smith was honored to be the very first female announcer for the ACM Awards, which she co-announced with Shawn Parr. She recalls getting a text message weeks after her audition while she was sitting in the movie theatre that said “Welcome to the ACM Family, Congratulations” where she proceeded to freak out and bother everyone else in the theatre she laughed.  She explains how the actual experience was surreal, being a fan of award shows her entire life she was so thrilled to get to partake in the show and see everything that went on behind the scenes.

Her most recent endeavor, ‘Women Want to Hear Women’  is a podcast and feature that highlights a different female artist each week. “The title stemmed from a phrase that I have been hearing for years as a female disc jockey that “women don’t want to hear women” and I hear it from older white males all of the time,” she tells us.  “They were telling me, a woman, that I don’t want to hear women. I am telling you I am a woman and I do want to hear women. I wanted to start reclaiming that narrative.”  This is her opportunity to feature women, allow them to sit down and talk about the struggles they have endured and then to play their music and have them cover another female artist to create a sisterhood. She excitedly explains that it’s been a long time coming but being able to highlight these women is something she is so proud of and that her team at Nash Nights Live has been so supportive.

When discussing what advice she has for young women wanting to pursue their dreams of working in the music industry she says “Just be open to everything. Be open to any opportunity that is there, being a female in country radio and country music, there are very few spots and it is very intimidating. Find your path to get there, your story is how you become who you are.”  A common thread among each of our Woman of the Month features is that they all say to find your network of women to lift you up.  “That is what is going to be priceless in the end, is having the support of other women and being able to share your experience and figure out together how to navigate this industry,” Smith says.

Elaina’s Current Favorite Song: “Oh What A World” – Kacey Musgraves

Elaina’s All-Time Favorite Song: “Amber” – 311

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Nash Fm Cumulus

NYCountry Swag Heads To NASH FM Studios in Nashville

NYCountry Swag Takes Nashville I Cumulus Station

Whether you are in New York City, Nashville, Michigan or Florida NASH FM’s morning show with Ty Kelly & Chuck and Nash Nights Live are syndicated throughout the country, blaring through your radio with the best country music and interviews with your favorite artists.

NYCountry Swag Takes Nashville I Cumulus Station

During out ‘New York Country Swag Takes Nashville’ Experience, New York Country Swag took a tour of the studios where the magic happens, where artists are interviewed and where plenty of antics happen.  We happened to be sitting in on the live Ty Chuck & Kelly Mornings show which was #WicksWednesday, both Ty Bentli and Kelly Ford were dressed as Chuck Wicks. We got to see the behind the scenes of the show, listen to a #10-minutetune written by guest, Ayla Brown, about the new mystery Oreo competition and hear some of our favorite songs.

NYCountry Swag Takes Nashville I Nashville Nights

The morning also included a tour of additional Cumulus studios including Kix Brooks’ very own studio where he records American Country Countdown. The space is filled with photos and memorabilia throughout the years that Kix has collected from friends, fans, and artists. Elaina Smith and Shawn Parr also work out of the Nash Studios recording their night show, Nash Nights Live.

Nash Nights Live

We loved getting a chance to meet the Nashville crew, introduce them to New YorkCountry Swag and explain the story behind our Hero Collection.

In New York, catch Ty, Chuck & Kelly Mornings weekdays from 5:00 AM- 10:00 AM and Nash Nights Live with Shawn & Elaina weekdays from 7:00 PM-Midnight.

For more from our ‘New York Country Swag Takes Nashville’ Experience, click here.