Who Is Noah Hicks? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Noah Hicks? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Noah Hicks // Photo by: Austin Screws

The Beginning:

Today we are highlighting a rising artist in country music that feels like an overnight sensation. During our conversation with singer-songwriter Noah Hicks, we learned how humble and genuine he is as a man and as an artist. We chatted about everything from his upbringing to his current songs. Learn more below.

Growing up on a chicken farm in Georgia, Hicks never even dreamed of a music career. “I’ve always played guitar and played in church and stuff like that,” he shared, adding that it was really all just for fun. The singer always thought he would make a living doing blue-collar work, but music was still something he loved from an early age.

Thinking back to middle school, Hicks recalls loving the fresh sound of duo, Florida Georgia Line. “I remember being at high school parties with my brother and seeing the reaction to their uptempo vibe,” he shared. “I became just like in love with the fact that music can make you feel a type of way.”

Hicks also credits artists like Rhett Akins and Jason Aldean as early inspirations. Nowadays, he loves artists and songwriters like HARDY, Ernest, and Luke Combs, among many others. “I’m definitely a fan first,” stated the singer. “Now I’m a fan of songwriters ‘cause the songwriters are just as cool as the artists, if not cooler,” he added.

At seventeen years old with a push from one of his hometown buddies, Hicks started singing and taking his natural talent more seriously. “Ever since then I’ve been chasing this crazy dream and I somehow worked it out.”

The Turning Point:

Although clearly gaining popularity in his home state of Georgia, Hicks really started to gain traction earlier this year when he recently signed with RED Creative Group. Prior to his signing, the singer would travel back and forth from Georgia to Tennessee, eventually making the move to Nashville to pursue his dreams.

“I never thought I’d be in the position I am,” shares Hicks, “It happened a lot faster than I can keep up with.” The singer also credits his quick success to the friends he has made in Nashville. “I fell into a great group of guys who live up here. And it took all of the hard work out of moving to town and meeting people,” adding, “They would just knock out the hard part and say ‘this is my friend Noah Hicks.’”

The singer also recalls the moment he knew that music was his passion. “When I first released my first ever single ‘Raised On The Radio’, we had a big old concert down on the square and all these people showed up. I was like ‘okay, this could be possible.’”


Now, Hicks has two more songs out under his new partnership, “No More of ‘Em” and “Miss You Back.” The former is a collaboration with one of his heroes, Rhett Akins. “I had these people I wanted to write with and Rhett was one of them […] I saw his name on my calendar and I planned ideas for two weeks and he shot down every one of them,” he laughs reminiscing about what it was like to write with Akins for the first time.

After the song was created, the singer made a comment to his manager about asking Akins to be on the song, and to everyone’s surprise, he agreed. The Georgia native wanted to release a song that was close to his heart and a story that could help fans get to know him and his artistry. “No More of ‘Em” was that song.

On the other hand “Miss You Back” showcases a different side of the singer’s talent. “It was me, Paul [DiGiovanni], Cole Taylor, and Jeremy Stover, during a write, and we wrote six songs in four days.” “We just kept trying to write about me and get really specific about me cause every song that I release, I want there to be some truth behind it.”

As it turns out, the singer was able to tap into a more somber emotion to create the song with his fellow songwriters. “It’s a double lining. Obviously, it’s about a girl, but also when we were writing, we all talked about it being universal, you can miss anyone back.”

The two songs are just the beginning for Hicks. “Writing songs, playing shows, realizing music, that’s what I hope to do in 2021,” he declares. Fans are in for a real treat with this budding star!


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