Noah Hicks: ‘Tripping Over My Boots’ – EP Review

Noah Hicks’ EP, Tripping Over My Boots, is out now, September 30th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

For Georgia native Noah Hicks, his new EP, out today, is both an introduction and a way for fans to get to know him even better. “Tripping Over My Boots is a collection of songs that I thought were very me, and that fans would get excited for,” Hicks shares in a statement. “It’s for folks like me, people who grew up how I did, and individuals with the same mindset; making the best of life by living it up and not taking any day for granted.” 

On the six-song collection, a follow-up to his I Can Tell You’re Small Town EP, the singer-songwriter co-wrote each track, sharing his roots, his personality, and his hopes and dreams. Recently named Billboard’s “Country Rookie of The Month,” the RED Creative Records artist has been gaining fans and accolades since initially bursting on the scene in 2018.

The EP’s title track is a clear standout, as Hicks approaches a girl he’s interested in. On the twangy mid-tempo, he’s stumbling over himself to impress her, admittedly tripping over his boots. “I wrote this song as the ideal way of how I would like to meet my next girl,” He muses. “I don’t write anything that isn’t true to me in some regard. When I am in writing sessions, and I hear something that I connect with… I get fired up.”

He continues to show his romantic side on “Making Up My Mind,” where he tells listeners about his dream girl. “I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the revolving door of dating with dating apps and all that,” He says. “Honestly, I just got kind of tired of it. This song is basically what I’d love to have in a perfect world.”

“You’re lookin’ like an angel in the mornin’ light // With your halo hair and your kiss me eyes // Ain’t no way that I could say no // When you’re whisperin’, baby, baby don’t go // ‘Tween layin’ right here and lovin’ on you // Slippin’ out the sheets, slippin’ on my boots // I don’t even have to think twice // You’re pretty good at makin’ up my mind”

“Creek Don’t Rise” is an ode to country romance, with a stomping second half that’s perfect for a live show, as Hicks invites a girl to escape a crowded bar in favor of the great outdoors. “That moon will be shining up in the sky,” He sings. “We’ll dance to a little Dixieland delight…Ooh beneath the cottonwood tree, ooh I bet you and me, will be falling in love by the end of the night, Good lord willing and the creek don’t rise.”

Hicks also channels his inner Walker Hayes on “Breaking Up & Getting Drunk,” which finds him moving on from a broken heart with a bottle of something strong. With a catchy whistle and country beats, he muses that “They go together like Coke and Rum, breaking up and getting drunk.” 

Lastly, Hicks isn’t afraid to get back to his roots and celebrate his boots on songs like “Different Boots” and “Back Home Buds.” On the latter, he sings an ode to the hometown pals who know him best, and can ground him and bring him back down to Earth. When he’s with them, it’s the same small-town gossip and familiarity he’s always known, while “Different Boots” celebrates how people are all the same, no matter where they may be from. “We may have different boots, but at the end of the day, we’re all the same.”

For a small-town Georgia boy like Noah Hicks, a career in country music once seemed impossible, but it’s tracks like those on Tripping Over My Boots that have endeared him to country music fans. “I never thought being a singer was even possible, I intended to do what everyone else did,” Hicks reveals. “I’ve worked farms, built fences, tended cows, tinted windows, but becoming an artist was always just a dream. Now I’m blessed to call it my job.

Noah Hicks – Tripping Over My Boots EP Tracklist:

  1. Breaking Up & Getting Drunk (Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy, Jeremy Stover)
  2. Creek Don’t Rise (Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy, Jeremy Stover)
  3. Different Boots (Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy, Jeremy Stover)
  4. Making Up My Mind (Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy, Jeremy Stover)
  5. Tripping Over My Boots (Noah Hicks, Jordan Minton, Will Bundy)
  6. Back Home Buds (Noah Hicks, Brad Clawson, Will Bundy)

Noah Hicks drops his brand new EP, ‘Tripping Over My Boots,’ out now.

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