Who Is Nate Smith? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Nate Smith? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Nate Smith // Photo by Robby Klein

The Beginning:

Today we share with you the humbling story about Nate Smith’s success in the industry. The newly signed SONY music artist is both an incredible vocalist and talented songwriter. Although it has not always been easy for Smith, he shared his story with us in a way that shows faith, humility, and empathy. It is hard not to love him!

Growing up in a small California town called Paradise, Smith always gravitated towards music. “I would play guitar and stuff, and always bother my brother with my singing,” he shared, recalling sharing a bunk bed with his sibling. Music was always on his mind “I just loved singing. It felt as natural as breathing. […] Eventually, when I started playing guitar and stuff, I was like I’m going to play on stage,” shared Smith.

The singer recalls watching Garth Brooks perform on television, and credits both Brooks and Elvis for his early love of singing. “There’s so many artists, a lot of rock, and pop, and some country as well that I love.” Smith also credits his father for his love of Classic Rock and reflects on his own love of bands like Blink 182 and Creed.

The melting pot of musical influences helped Smith curate his own unique sound and voice. At just 23 years old, the singer made the move to Nashville, and got himself a publishing deal. After a tragedy struck, Smith made the difficult decision to go back home to California, leaving music behind for what he thought would be for good.

The Turning Point:

If it was not for another tragic event in 2018 and the love and belief from his friends and family, Smith may have not found his way back to music. “In 2018, in Paradise, my hometown where I grew up, we had a wildfire happen,” shared the singer. “I lost everything that I ever had and a friend of mine sent me a guitar, and I began writing songs just about that experience” he added.

The hardship really inspired Smith to start writing music again. He credits his friends for convincing him to move back to Nashville to pursue his dream. After playing at a few festivals thanks to Melissa Carbone, Smith was able to secure himself a management deal. Through pure heart, and hustle, the singer made connections that led him to his SONY Music Nashville record deal. “They offered me a deal and I could not believe it […] When I signed with SONY, I had $14 left in my account.”

For Smith, this whole experience was truly something out of a storybook. “I definitely look at it as a second chance at life.”


Now, as a signed artist, Smith is connecting with fans across genres. His newest single, “I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven” is a true masterpiece. Its haunting, innovative, and incredible in every way. Written by Smith with Dan Fernandez, the song was inspired by the way the singer tries to live his life each day.

This whole concept just started happening organically, it was one of the easiest writes ever for both of us,” begins Smith. “It’s just about not taking anything for granted and the people and the things you have right now.”

The song resonated so much with Smith and his fans that the singer just released another version of the mesmerizing track. The new version features a choir. Smith got the idea after listening to a song called “I Found” by Amber Run. “The choir just gave us chills, they brought something so special to that song, that would never have happened without them.” Smith goes on to add, “I honestly probably love it more than the original because it has the extra thing about it.”

Smith also shared with us that there is going to be a third version of “I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven” released soon. The new rendition will feature another artist on the tune. Until then, fans can anticipate more new music coming down the pipeline by the artist, as he shares that he is writing every day and cutting new tracks as we speak. This is sure to be a big year for Smith!


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