5 Things to Expect from Joe Nichols’ Album ‘Good Day For Living’

We chatted with country singer, Joe Nichols about his new album, Good Day For Living, out this Friday, February 11th. Here are five things to expect from the upcoming project.

  1. Joe Nichols creates music, like this record, because he believes it is an incredible way to connect with people and fans.

“We all just want to belong. We all want to feel like we’re in the right place. We all want to feel like people know what I’m going through, and I think music does that, and lets people in the same room, and lets us know we’re all in this together.”

  1. Nichols’ recorded, “That’s How I Grew Up” because it is a true depiction of his childhood.

“That’s how I grew up, that kinda nails it as far as my kinda childhood. Kinda gritty, raw side of childhood. A lot of things unfair, but a lot of things I made unfair myself. I connected with that song and the emotions.”

  1. The singer cut “She Was” to pay homage to the experiences of his friend and record label executive, Benny Brown.

“I couldn’t not cut that song for him after it meant so much to him [and his story].”

  1. The single, “Good Day for Living” is meant to be an uplifting and jamming, feel-good tune.

“It’s a positive song. Don’t we need some positivity in the world?! I like this song because it puts me in a good mood, and that’s rare for me [with songs]!”

  1. Nichols’ collaboration with buddy Blake Shelton, “I Got Friends That Do” was decades in the making.

“Well we had this song “Friends That Do” that came through and man it felt good from the demo. […] It dawned on me to call Blake […] He said man, we’ve been trying to do this for years.” Nichols added later, “We went from having a hit to having a smash. We’ve known each other for decades, and we haven’t had the chance to get on a record together.”


Joe Nichols’ new album is slated for release, this Friday, February 11th.

Check back this Friday for our full album review of Joe Nichols’ record Good Day For Living.

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