Nate Smith: ‘Nate Smith’ Deluxe Album Review

Nate Smith makes his debut with his self-titled deluxe album, officially out now, April 28th on all streaming platforms. Learn more and listen to the new album below.

With a platinum #1 single already under his belt, Sony Music Nashville’s Nate Smith released his debut album today, a hefty deluxe collection of 26 new songs. On his self-titled offering, the golden voiced singer-songwriter offers a poignant mix of love lost, love found, and loving life. 

“It has been so much fun making this album, and I really believe in every one of these songs,” Smith revealed in a statement. “Releasing an album has always been a goal of mine, but at the end of the day it’s really not about me. It’s about being able to reach other people with music that means something.” 

“If I could sum everything up in one word, it’s hope,” he continues. “We all go through things, we really do. But I truly believe the world is trying to bend in your best interest. I really believe that with my whole heart.”

Hope weaves its way throughout the musical journey, which traverses sounds and styles over its initial 20 tracks and the 6 new additions on the deluxe version. Of the previously-released tracks, there’s “Whiskey On You,” Smith’s biggest song to date and “Wreckage,” one of the best country ballads in recent memory. On the latter, he celebrates someone who loves him for all that he is, baggage and all. “I’m a little damaged, but damn you saw the good // When everyone saw baggage, you loved when no one could // Laying in this bed beside you, I don’t have to hide away,” He sings. “You see all the wreckage, and it wrecks me that you stay.”

Like “Wreckage,” Smith owns his broken and celebrates love on songs like “You Ain’t Been in Love,” the stunning “I Found You,” and the incredibly moving “I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven.” On “I Found You,” he’s wondering about the what-ifs of life and where he’d be if he never found her, while “Heaven” is a slow ballad about life being beautiful here on Earth.

“I don’t wanna go to heaven // When heaven’s right here lying next to me // I count every kiss and every blessing // As the only proof I’ll ever need // I don’t wanna go to heaven // When heaven’s right here lying next to me.”

There’s love lost on the album, weaving its way through songs like the grooving “You Only Want Me When I’m Drunk” and “Back At It Again,” finding him caught up with someone he shouldn’t. 

“But I’m back at it again // Two drinks pulling you in // Getting caught up in your eyes // One more one last time// It’s crazy how one kiss from your lips can hit undo // On all that getting over you // Just when I think I’m moving on from square one // I’m back at it again”

Thematically, the album’s opening track, “If I Could Stop Loving You,” is similar to its clever take on moving on from a broken heart. As an album opener, it’s absolutely perfect. It starts with minimal instrumentation and vocals, but then builds to a musical roar with a radio-ready hook that immediately invites listeners in and implores them to keep listening. 

There are fun songs here, including the summer-ready “One Good Girl,” the pop-leaning “Bad Memory,” and “Alright, Alright, Alright,” a subtle nod to Matthew McConaughey’s most famous catchphrase as he tries to turn someone’s frown upside down. Additionally, “LFG” is the most straightforward party song here, but the celebration of the simpler things in life is sure to be a crowd-pleaser on both radio and at live shows.

Smith is also a gentleman at heart, as reflected on songs like “Better Boy” and “You Shouldn’t Have To.” On both tracks, he’s sure to treat his woman right and warns others to do the same. “Never let her think somewhere out there,” He sings, There’s a better boy.”

Likewise, both “Oil Spot” and “Raised Up” are nostalgic, with the first celebrating all of the special moments that happen in a truck, ranging from car trips to bringing a baby home from the hospital. Meanwhile, “Raised Up” has him reflecting back on the things that he grew up on, bringing him back to the basics.

“The day we wrote it, I had to leave the room because I was tearing up,” Smith says of “Raised Up.” “The song talks about ‘Any time I lose my way, I turn the way I was raised up,’ and for me, whenever I’m lost or feeling alone, I’ve got God.’ That has really helped me, but it can be whatever somebody needs. It could be thinking about something your grandma said one time you now hold on to or the phrase you have tattooed on your arm. It’s however you find your way back home. I’m all for that.”

While Smith’s album was originally planned for a February release, it was pushed back to late April to pair with Smith’s packed touring schedule. During that time, the singer-songwriter added six new tracks to the debut, creating a jam-packed deluxe edition. The addition kicks off with “World on Fire,” another radio-ready anthem dedicated to someone who turned Smith’s world upside down, in the best, and then worst, ways possible.

Meanwhile, much of the deluxe section is punctuated with clever lyrics, including on “What An Angel Ain’t,” “Good By Now,” and “I Don’t Miss You.” The latter continues to exemplify why Smith is one of country’s most incredible new vocalists as he flips the lyrics to tell the tale of missing someone. “And this world don’t turn, the sky ain’t blue, the sun don’t shine, the stars don’t shoot,” He sings. “People don’t lie, girl, If that was the truth, Then I don’t miss you.”

The deluxe portion of the albums conclude with “Love Is Blind,” a sparse and twangy celebration of love without question, very similar to “Wreckage” and “I Found You.” While the California native knows he’s damaged, he’s endlessly thankful to the one who loves him despite his flaws. I ain’t that patient, I ain’t that kind // Little bit crazy, most of my life,” He admits. “Girl, you saved me, I don’t know why // But I thank God that your love is blind.”

On his debut album, Nate Smith shows listeners why he’s one of country music’s fastest-rising stars. With 26 tracks dedicated to all of the good things in life, love, brokenness, hope, and more, the golden-voiced star is clearly just getting started.

Nate Smith Track List:

  1. If I Could Stop Loving You (Jason Massey/Matt Rogers/Justin Wilson)  
  2. Alright, Alright, Alright (Joey Hendricks/Jessie Jo Dillon/Daniel Ross)  
  3. One Good Girl (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Jonathan Singleton)  
  4. Back At It Again (Trannie Anderson/Adam Doleac/Jason Massey)  
  5. You Ain’t Been In Love (Nate Smith/Zach Abend/Andy Albert/Blake Pendergrass)  
  6. Better Boy (Michael Hardy/Taylor Phillips)  
  7. You Only Want Me When You’re Drunk (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Seth Alley)  
  8. Bad Memory (Nate Smith/James McNair/Lindsay Rimes/Emily Weisband)  
  9. Oil Spot (Jared Hampton/Tate Howell/Drew Kennedy)  
  10. Wreckage (Nate Smith/Mary Kutter/Chris Sligh/Paul Wrock)  
  11. LFG (Nate Smith/Adam James/Mikey Reaves)  
  12. Whiskey On You (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Russell Sutton)  
  13. You Shouldn’t Have To (Nate Smith/Matt Alderman/Brian Bunn)  
  14. Sleeve (Nate Smith/Brian Scott Alexander/Mary Kutter/Noah Jackson Lubert)  
  15. I Found You (Nate Smith/Chris Gelbuda/Kyle Schlienger)  
  16. Backseat (Adam James/Steven McMorran/Andy Sheridan)  
  17. Name Storms After (Nate Smith/Trannie Anderson/Seth Alley)  
  18. Raised Up (Nate Smith/Trannie Anderson/Jonathan Smith)  
  19. Under My Skin (Nate Smith/Trysette Maree Loosemore/Larry McCoy)  
  20. I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven (Nate Smith/Daniel Fernandez)
  21. World on Fire (Nate Smith/Ashley Gorley/Taylor Phillips/Lindsay Rimes) – DELUXE
  22. I Don’t Miss You (Seth Alley/James McNair/Heath Warren) – DELUXE
  23. Good By Now (Nate Smith/Ashley Gorley/Taylor Phillips/Lindsay Rimes) – DELUXE
  24. What an Angel Ain’t (Nate Smith/Zach Abend/Michael Hardy) – DELUXE
  25. Dear Heart (Nate Smith/Tofer Brown/Emily Weisband) – DELUXE
  26. Love Is Blind (Nate Smith/Jessie Jo Dillon/Jesse Frasure/Geoff Warburton) – DELUXE

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Better Boy”
  2. “Wreckage”
  3. “If I Could Stop Loving You”
  4. “World on Fire”
  5. “I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven”
  6. “LFG”

Nate Smith releases his brand new self-titled album, out now on all streaming platforms.

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