Who is Brooke Eden? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Brooke Eden? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Brooke Eden Hoover
Birthdate – 13/20/1988
Hometown – West Palm Beach, Florida
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Patsy Cline, The Chicks, LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, Shania Twain
Current Single – “Outlaw Love (Dave Audé Remix)”  // as of date of article: XX

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight shines on an artist that is a true inspiration to many people. After years in the industry, Brooke Eden has finally emerged as the truest version of herself, and that is evident in her music. We chatted with the songstress all about her journey, music, and everything in between.

“I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida,” began the singer-songwriter. “My dad was a drummer in a country band, still is, and so he played every weekend. When I was five years old, I started singing. I started hearing Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill on the radio and I started singing all of the songs, and my dad was like “oh wow, she can stay on key” […] About a year into singing, my dad was like “do you want to go play with my band not he weekend,” and I said yeah, and I thought it would be so much fun.”

While her friends were all at sleepovers, Eden was performing at honky-tonks with her dad and his band. “I feel like my hometown kinda took me under its wing. You don’t think of West Palm Beach, Florida as being a big country music town, but oh my god, it is. […] It took me under its wing as the town’s country music artist at twelve years old. […] At twelve, they asked me to open for Alan Jackson when he was coming through to play at the theatre, and then it was Brooks & Dunn, and it just kind of went from there.”

Throughout her upbringing, Eden always felt called to country music. “As a kid, I didn’t even realize there was another genre of music,” she shared. “I always wanted to move to Nashville, but as a family, we did not have the means to do that.”

The Turning Point:

Despite knowing that she belonged in Nashville, Eden’s dad asked her head to college first. The singer obliged “So I went to the University of Florida, graduated with a business degree, and actually came back to my hometown, and  started playing four or five nights a week to save up money to move to Nashville.”

About ten months after graduating college, Eden was ready to make the move to Music City. “I just jumped in. I got to Nashville, and the very first night we were there, we had driven 12 hours from West Palm Beach to Nashville, we had a blow-up mattress on the floor, and my dad was like “let’s go down to honky-tonks.” Ended up getting on stage at Tootsie’s and they were like, “do you want a job here?”

She went to auditions that Saturday and the band leader had some wise words for her. He said, “honey this is honky-tonk school, and I have a feeling, you’ve already been through honky-tonk school, what else do you want to do in Nashville,” and I was like “I really want to learn how to write a song, like a real country song.” And he was like “What are you doing on Tuesday?.” Eden went on to write her first song with him, he helped connect her to others in the industry, and eventually she landed her first record deal and publishing deal a year and a half after moving.

As soon as she was signed, Eden started to feel the pressure of not being allowed to be her full self. “Actually my very first week of radio tour is when I meant my now wife, but at the time, I was told we had to keep our relationship a secret,” she shared, adding, “I had my record deal, and I was touring as kind of a shell of myself. I knew what I was suppose to say, I knew what I was supposed to look like, sound like, and I knew what they wanted me to turn in song-wise. […] It was a very controlling situation as far as a record label went, and then, once the label found out that I was in a relationship with a woman, they pretty much stopped putting music out on me.”

Eventually in 2020, Eden had an epiphany that she was done hiding who she was from the world. As fate would have it, her record label was bought at my Big Machine Label Group, and she finally had a supportive team around her. “In 2021, I came out with my full story, and came out with three songs, and two of them was about my love story, and we had music video that my wife was in with me, and it finally felt like I was able to be the artist that I was always  supposed to be,” she shared, adding, “I wanted to release my new music as me, knowing that I’m being fully me. They completed supported me.”


Flash forward to today, Eden is at her absolute best professionally. Back in June of 2023, she released an EP titled, Outlaw Love which featured some of her most honest and vulnerable songs to date. The EP chronicled her love-story, and showcased that it was more than okay to be your true self in country music.

“Outlaw Love, the EP was definitely the most personal thing I’ve ever put out. It was definitely an unfolding of chapters It started off with “Whispering,” where we were kind of the topic of conversation at a lot of parties. […] That song was kind of about taking your power back. […] Then it goes into “Chills,” which is this really romantic part of our relationship, where we are just allowed to be in our own space and really fall in love with each other, and then it goes to “Outlaw Love” which is a very empowering, kind of self-realization and self-acceptance of this is who we are, this is who I am, and I’m not afraid to say it or talk about it, and then it ends with “All My LIfe,” which was our first dance song at our wedding,” shared the songstress.

Eden also shared “There’s so much you can say in music that you couldn’t speak. […] Sometimes it has to come in music for people to accept it in a way. It’s been really cool to see how music has changed people’s hearts.” Most recently, the singer had empowered people even more with the remix of song, “Outlaw Love.”

“It is kind of a serious subject, but it’s also this rebel yell. […] I”m going to be in my full authenticity, and to me that is a celebration, and it should be celebrated, and I think the remix brings that […] It’s a celebratory song about being yourself and being about to dance to that, so I was so excited about the remix.”

Fans can expect even more new music coming down the pipeline soon. Stay tuned!



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