Brooke Eden: ‘Outlaw Love’ – EP Review

Brooke Eden releases her new EP, Outlaw Love, out now, June 9th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new EP below.

Brooke Eden is an absolute superstar in the making. The singer-songwriter is unapologetically herself, while consistently standing up for what she believes in. She creates music that is personal to her, while still inviting anyone to listen. Perfectly timed for Pride month, her newest project, Outlaw Love is a celebration of her love with her wife, Hilary Hoover and a true celebration for love in all forms.

“This EP is the most personal group of songs I’ve ever released. It takes you from the beginning of my and Hilary’s relationship with ‘Whispering’ to our first dance song ‘All My Life,’” shared Eden in a recent press release. “The Outlaw Love EP is a look into our unique relationship in country music and a new definition of what it means to be an outlaw.”

The record kicks off with “Whispering.” The song takes us through the moments leading up and after that Eden and Hoover decided to go public with their love. The song is sassy and in your face in the best possible way. Eden brings a confident attitude to an experience that clearly is not easy for everyone.

“Best friends back then’s what we called it // Til we had no choice but to fall in // Keepin’ a secret was fun ’til it wasn’t // So I went and kissed you in public // Oh let ‘em talk, talk talk, talk, bout what we got, got got // While we walk, walk, walk away // We’re the reason they’ve been staring since we walked in the door // The reason that their jaws keep droppin’ to the floor”

The record continues with “Chills” and “All My Life.” The former is sensual song about growing attraction for someone, while “All My Life” is the ultimate wedding song. Eden created the latter for her wife, and it is clear that their love knows no boundaries. “All My Life” is a standout song on the record.

The final track, “Outlaw Love” speaks to the bigger statement of love is love and all love is worthy. It is a beautiful testament that no matter what happens in the world, we cannot change the love in someone’s hearts. While not a typical topic in country music, it is clear that “Outlaw Love” and the whole project deserve a place in the country music landscape.

“Leave the judgin’ to Jesus cause I don’t care // Long as I got you babe // I’ll go anywhere // Let’ em board up all the chapels, say that we ain’t’ welcome there // We’ll just fly to California, put some flowers in my hair // They can say what they wanna say // They can do what they wanna do // But they can’t outlaw being in love with you”

Eden is a true gem. While she is an incredible vocalist and songwriter, her true power is in her confidence in being herself no matter what. Whether she is sharing her truth about her relationship like on this EP or sharing about past experiences, each and every song she releases has heart. Outlaw Love is an important project.

Outlaw Love Track List:
  1. Whispering (Brooke Eden, Brandon Day, Willie Morrison)
  2. Chills (Brooke Eden, Cameron Bedell, Breland, Noby Sidez)
  3. All My Life (Brooke Eden, Forrest Finn, Nolan Sipe)
  4. Outlaw Love (Brooke Eden, Lindsay Rimes, Emily Weisband, James McNair)

Brooke Eden shares new EP, ‘Outlaw Love’ out now on alls streaming platforms.

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