Brooke Eden: ‘Choosing You’ – EP Review

Brooke Eden releases her new EP, Choosing You, out now, July 29th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Rising country artist, Brooke Eden creates music that speaks to her personal experience, while still maintaining relatability to the masses. Her music is meant for people who want to feel something. The deep connection she feels for her music is evident across her musical catalog. Today, the singer-songwriter shares her EP, Choosing You, out now.

The record houses five incredible tracks, all co-written by Eden. “Knock” starts off the project. The song is as real as it gets. Eden takes the role of a supportive friend or a big sister on this track. She is telling a girl to stop letting a lover treat her poorly. At the same time, she is reminding us all of the sobering lessons that we do not have to accept love from someone that does not deserve us.

“Left You For Me” is the next song on the record. The previously released tune is all about radical honesty and self-love. It is about trusting your gut, honoring what’s right for you, and abandoning anything not meant for you. The single is a solid reminder to build a life we love.

“I guess I accidentally // Went and wrapped my whole damn wrong around ya // Holding on until one day I was looking in the mirror at someone I don’t want to be // Can’t you see you I didn’t leave you for somebody else // I left you for me”

The record continues with the next two songs on the project, “Comeback Love” and “Heartless.” The former is a pop-inspired track that boasts a catchy melody and memorable lyrics. On the other hand, “Heartless” taps into the quieter and more vulnerable side of the songstress. The track seems to draw inspiration from sensual jazz-like songs. It shares the struggles we often go through in love.

Choosing You ends with one last song, “Off The Ground.” Quite possibly our favorite off the EP, the song combines the vulnerability and the confidence that we have come to expect from an Eden song.

Overall, the EP is exactly what we wanted from the talented singer-songwriter. We believe, she has secured her staying power in country music with this killer project.

Choosing You EP Tracklist:

  1. “Knock” (Brooke Eden, Steph Jones, Jesse Frasure)
  2. “Left You For Me” (Brooke Eden, Kyle Schlienger, Jon Stone)
  3. “Comeback Love” (Brooke Eden, Jesse Frasure, Sarah Buxton)
  4. “Heartless” (Brooke Eden, Connie Harrington, Lindsay Rimes)
  5. “Off The Ground” (Brooke Eden, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure, Brandon Day, Alysa Vanderheym)

Brooke Eden’s new EP, ‘Choosing You’ is out now.

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