What We’re Listening To: July Picks

NYCountry Swag’s “What We’re Listening To” playlist highlights the wide range of our team’s favorite songs and artists when it comes to the country music genre.  At the end of the day, we are all fans first with a passion for country music and are eager to share with you all what we’ve got on repeat each month.

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Stephanie Wagner, Founder

Pick: “Good Times Roll” – Jimmie Allen feat. Nelly
Songwriters: Cornell Haynes Jr. (Nelly), Jimmie Allen, Zach Kale

This month I chose Jimmie Allen’s “Good Times Roll” featuring Nelly. The infectious song only came out a few days ago, but I have been impatiently waiting for it since back in December when Allen first teased it during his opening set on the CMT on Tour with Michael Ray in New York City.

The track has the nostalgia of old school Nelly classics like “Country Grammar”, but blends Allen’s familiar and unique vocals of today’s country music. The kind of song you just want to blast with the windows down, the two paired up have created the perfect upbeat, summer anthem that 2020 really needed right now.


Christina Bosch, Managing Editor 

Pick: “Sunday Drive” – Brett Eldredge
Songwriters: Barry Dean, Don Mescall, Steve Robson

Through first listen I fell in love with Brett Eldredge’s album this weekend but it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon driving in the car with my husband and my son in the back looking out the window that this particular title track struck a chord. The lyrics encourage the listener to focus on the small, seemingly insignificant moments for they become the most memorable in the long run.

“And we were only young but they were trying hard to reach us / How was I to know that there was something so worth keeping?”

The simple piano instrumentation with Eldredge’s smooth and clear vocals tell the story of growing up watching your parents and then as time goes by, you take your parents out on a Sunday drive, giving them the chance to reminisce about the good old days. This entire album is a masterpiece, Eldredge mixes his Sinatra big band vibes with country storytelling and it is definitely some of his best work.


Lucie Bernheim, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet” – Aubrie Sellers
Songwriters: Aubrie Sellers

If I had to pick my favorite sub-genre of country music, it would probably be the dreamy, more indie-folk side of it. Aubrie Sellers’ latest LP, Far From Home is a captivating piece of work front to back, but it’s the solo-penned “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet”  that’s my favorite. Lyrically, it’s so introspective and confessional, and it’s as if Sellers is letting you into her inner dialogue. “Cause I’ve been thinkin’ of you all day long/Wonderin’ how long it will be before you’re gone/You’re already playin’ games with my head/And you haven’t even kissed me yet.” No reverb is spared in the song, and the vocals float along with the grungy, garage electric guitar, and the fuzzy kick drum that surprises you at the end. It’s truly a stunning song, perfect for a summertime drive at night.


Dylan Bestler, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Come As You Are” – Tenille Townes
Songwriters: Daniel Tashian, Tenille Townes, Marc Beeson

This is such a fun song and it really stood out to me when listening to her new album. The record can be very emotional at times and definitely provokes a lot of thought with songs like “Jersey on the Wall,” and at first, I thought this song was just put on there to break up all the emotions. Upon further listens, it does that and so much more. This song is all about self-acceptance and promotes the message of ‘everyone is dealing with similar problems, so stop overthinking, let loose, enjoy yourself, and live in the moment.’ In these trying times, we all need to be reminded of this. This song is just full of good vibes.

I love Tenille Townes and was blown away by The Lemonade Stand. It takes story-telling and adds a whole new layer to it. Excluding Sam Hunt’s Southside, this my favorite album of 2020 so far. This may be a bold statement, but this might be my favorite album by a female country artist ever.


Kristina Callahan, Contributing Writer

Pick: “In My Veins” – Lauren Alaina
Songwriters: Jesse Frasure, Hillary Lindsey, Lauren Alaina, Cary Barlowe

This song by Lauren Alaina has been out for a while but I feel like it’s such a great summer jam. A lot of people went back to their hometowns to quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic and this song talks about your roots and never forgetting where you grew up because those memories and experiences made you who you are today.

“But you don’t leave with roots that deep // No matter where you’re at It’s in my blood, it’s in my veins // The way I talk and the way I pray // If I close my eyes, I’m there right now // You can take the girl out of the country // But the country stays running in my veins // Running in my veins”

You can hear Alaina’s southern twang on this track. The Georgia native’s lyrics are relatable and something most of us have experienced.


Erin Crosby, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Then You Do” – Brett Eldredge
Songwriters: Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge’s new album is full of sentimental, lyrically-beautiful tracks. It’s definitely one of his most honest and creative productions. Though, “Then You Do” seemed to be the one that instilled the most significant reaction out of me, the first time I truly listened. It was one of those moments that demand attention, leaving you blind and unaware of anything except the lyrics spewing out of the speaker, and the music that paints the background. “Then You Do,” tells a story of a relationship from the moment of meeting, and continues to narrate how it evolves and develops. And, eventually, how it ends. A song rarely covers so much ground in one song, at least not so naturally, but Eldredge and Scooter Carusoe did exactly that. And they did it well.


Julia Grubbs, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Waste of Lime” – Ingrid Andress
Songwriters: Shane McAnally, Derrick Southerland, Ingrid Andress, John Phillips, Michael Edward Love, Sam Ellis, Scott McKenzie, Terence Melcher

Ever since I saw/heard “More Hearts Than Mine” on NYCS Instagram story, I was obsessed with Ingrid Andress. An exquisite lyricist, with songs that hit the heart of single 20-somethings, but really touch those of all ages, Andress lightens it a little with this beachy tune, “Waste of Lime”. With a taste of the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” sound, you think you’re on the beach, but then she proceeds to tell the tale of another wasted drink on another unworthy mate. Her tone points to a little heartache, but really the overall mood of moving on to the next one, trying to match the carefree mindset of island time. She’s no longer wasting time on the wrong people, but she’s still considering it a waste of a lime.


Pick: “Why We Drink” – Justin Moore
Songwriters: Casey Beathard, David Lee Murphy, Jeremy Stover, Justin Moore

My pick is “Why We Drink” by Justin Moore. I chose this song because it’s a fun song that was needed during this quarantine summer. It’s the perfect song to put on after a long day of working from home, on a Friday night or for Sunday Funday. Cheers!


Erica Zisman, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Think About You” – Alana Springsteen ft. Filmore
Songwriters: Alana Springsteen, Chris Gelbuda, Jeremy Lister

I got the chance to interview talented songstress, Alana Springsteen for our Swag Spotlight feature. I already knew how extremely talented she was, but I didn’t know how humble and passionate she was for music until our conversation. In preparation for our interview, I listened to all her released music and ultimately fell in love with one above the rest. My pick this week is “Think About You” by Springsteen featuring one of my favorite rising artists, Filmore.

I am a sucker for a good duet because of that push-pull dynamic that duets often offer. This particular song is both vocally pleasing and lyrically expressive- two things I love in country music. The combination of Springsteen and Filmore is the vocal duo I never knew I needed!

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