Walker Hayes Supports ‘Kindness Isn’t Canceled’ with Virtual Show


A few weeks ago, we joined forces with radio station New York’s Country 94.7, Walker Hayes, and the ‘Be a Craig’ fund to help feed the frontline workers of New York City. For each purchase of our Kindness Isn’t Canceled shirt, the profits were donated to all of the heroes on the frontlines in NYC fighting COVID-19. The purchase also gave you access to an exclusive Walker Hayes show.

Feeding the Frontlines in New York City

NYCountry Swag’s Stephanie Wagner and New York’s Country 9.47’s Kelly Ford Feeding the Frontlines in NYC

Wednesday (June 17.) was the show with Hayes and in these crazy times, it was nice to feel a little bit of normalcy with a live show, even if it was virtual on Zoom.

The concert started off with our own Stephanie Wagner and Christina Bosch along with Jesse Addy and Mike Allan from New York’s Country 94.7 discussing teaming up with IGC Hospitality and delivering the meals to the frontlines. During the course of the campaign, we delivered food to hospitals, firehouses, and precincts throughout the city. A big shout out to anyone who purchased a t-shirt and helped complete our goal of delivering 500 meals!

Kindness Walker Hayes

Hayes then joined and talked about the ‘Be a Craig Fund’. Did you know it started from the inspiration of the singer-songwriter’s neighbor Craig? From the first-time meeting at church, Craig immediately started looking out for the Hayes family. He made sure they had food, made sure Walker kept writing, and even gifted the family a minivan. Hayes’s wanted to pass on the selflessness that Craig shared with the Hayes family.

Getting ready for the set to start, the zoom room was a sea of red. everyone had their Kindness Isn’t Canceled and ‘Be a Craig’ shirts on and were ready to rock.

Kindness Walker Hayes

Hayes started out the way he starts every show by playing “Dollar Store”. Playing nine songs in total, it was the perfect set. From upbeat fan favorites including “90s Country”, the multiplatinum song “You Broke Up With Me”  and the quarantine inspired song “Stay Thicc” to his more serious songs including “Lela’s Stars”, which was written in a Costco parking lot and the reason Hayes continued his music career, the Alabama native played it all. Finishing out the night with his latest radio single“Trash My Heart”, everyone was dancing and singing along in their living rooms as if they were at their favorite concert venue.

Walker Hayes Kindness

One great part of a Zoom concert is the artist has the chance to really interact with their fans, watching their reaction to new music, shouting them out and reading and answering questions through the chat. It gave fans a chance to really show their love for Walker Hayes and we loved seeing it!

We can’t thank Walker Hayes enough for teaming up with us and the radio station. Founder of NYCountry Swag, Stephanie surprised Walker by making an announcement last night that for each Kindness Isn’t Canceled shirt that is sold for the rest of the summer 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the ‘Be a Craig’ Fund.

Take a listen to Walker’s single “Trash My Heart” below.