Walker County: ‘No Smoke and Mirrors’ – EP Review

Walker County’s debut EP, No Smoke and Mirrors, is out now, February 10th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project below and check out our full review.

Warner Music Nashville recording artists, Walker County are finally ready to make their major-label debut. The duo comprised of sisters, Ivy and Sophie Walker have been cultivating their artistry for years. Their brand new EP, No Smoke and Mirrors exemplifies that.

According to the songstresses, “’No Smoke and Mirrors’ is a look at every side of Walker County. We wanted to create an EP that represented the women we’ve grown to be through our 16 years of writing and playing music. You will hear us sing about love, heartbreak, good times and personal breakthroughs.”

The five song project kicks off with the song, “Stoned,” a taste of what’s to come on the rest of the project. “Mirror Mirror” is a slow-jam that features incredible story-telling lyrics. Any one who has ever dealt with self-esteem issues can relate to the heartfelt and honest song.

“Look her in the eyes and tell her she’s pretty // Give her a smile and let her know there ain’t thing she’s gotta change // Instead of breakin’ her hеart, maybe give her a brеak today // Mirror, mirror, I know you got a lot to say // You’ve seen every single tear // Now help her see the truth more clear // Mirror, mirror”

On “Between Boyfriends,” Walker County infuses more sass into their project. A perfect country anthem, the duo unapologetically sings about being a single lady in today’s landscape.

The sisters flip the script on the fourth song on the project, “Yours Tonight.” A more sentimental ballad, the single is the lyrical expression of what it’s like to want to be with someone that does not want all of you and just cannot commit.

“I’m not yours // Just yours tonight // I take whatever I can get // Even if it’s only this // And pretend that you’re mine // Keep believing that same old lie // It’s easy lying next to you // And it’s hard for mе to face the truth // That I’m not yours // Just yours tonight”

The record culminates with the touching song, “You and Jesus.” While every song on the project is clearly from their own life experiences, “You and Jesus” feels the most deeply personal. Walker County enlists the help of Greylan James on this fan-favorite track.

Overall, No Smoke and Mirrors is an exciting taste of what is to come for Walker County. Country fans should definitely keep them on their radar.

No Smoke and Mirrors EP Tracklist:

  1. Stoned
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. Between Boyfriends
  4. Yours Tonight
  5. You and Jesus ft. Greylan James

Walker County’s debut EP, ‘No Smoke and Mirrors’ is available now.

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