Trace Adkins: ‘The Way I Wanna Go’ – Album Review

Trace Adkins’ 25th-anniversary album, The Way I Wanna Go, is available now, August 27th, on all streaming platforms. Offering up 25 new songs in a reflective and celebratory project, the new album shines a light on Adkins’ extraordinary career. Check out the full review below.

With an opening song such as “Where I Am Today” that introduces a more grateful and clear-minded outlook, the country music veteran, who has sold more than 11 million albums and attained over 2 billion streams across the span of his career, seems to be tipping his hat to an incredible life while still reeling in the good stuff. Though with the release of his 13th studio album to honor a truly remarkable 25 years in music, Trace Adkins is far from calling it quits. In fact, he has never been stronger. “I am at the top of my game right now as far as my craft goes,” he comments in a press release. “I’m better at this than I’ve ever been in my life.”

It’s true, this Louisiana-born, simple-livin’ cowboy is aging like a fine whiskey. The Way I Wanna Go envelopes a confident, self-assured musician who does not shy away from individuality while still encompassing traditional notes along with his open-armed, warm-as-ever charisma that attracts listeners to this “Ladies Love Country Boys” and “Just Fishin’” gentle giant. 

“Finding My Groove” follows a similar wavelength with a focus on narrating the personal battles, and the journey, to shine a light on the setbacks and experiences needed to get to this spoken-upon sweet spot. 

“But I think the world’s finally spinnin’ my way // Sleepin’ pretty good at the end of the day // Got a little cash in the bank, gas in the tank // A little don’t care what they think // And I ain’t skippin’ like a needle on vinyl // Since your rescue me revival / Got my heart on my sleeve // Nothing to hide, nothing to prove // Findin’ my groove”

Within this 25-track LP, a few very high-end artists are featured from a broad range of categories. Blake Shelton, who is no stranger to Adkins both in the wildly successful “Hillbilly Bone” and more recent 2019 collab ”Hell Right”, puts down vocals on “If I Was A Woman” that ties in with the relaxed and chummy chemistry between these good friends. Luke Bryan and Pitbull bring the heat with the previously released “Where The Country Girls At”. Snoop Dog brings an intriguing take on a country crossroad production with “So Do The Neighbors”, and “Memory to Memphis” mixes blues in this eclectic collection of vocalists. Melissa Etheridge, an American singer-songwriter, incorporates a beautiful, smooth rasp that teeters on a rock sound to flirt with the rugged vocal range that is known with Adkins in “Love Walks Through the Rain”.

Trace Adkins’ The Way I Wanna Go album is a striking project that includes all the best music has to offer from this filled-to-the-brim with inspiration entertainer.  “I don’t know where my place is gonna be when the history of what I did is written,” Adkins says in a press release. “But 90 percent of the time, I said what I wanted to say and stuck to my guns and did what I wanted to do … And, this album is as good as anything I’ve ever done.” 

Trace Adkins 'The Way I Wanna Go' Out Now

Trace Adkins ‘The Way I Wanna Go’ Out Now

The Way I Wanna Go Tracklist

  1. Where I Am Today
  2. Heartbreak Song
  3. Where the Country Girls At (Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan & Pitbull)
  4. Cadillac’n
  5. Finding My Groove
  6. Cowboy Boots and Jeans
  7. Live It Lonely
  8. Love Walks Through the Rain (Trace Adkins & Melissa Etheridge)
  9. Honey Child
  10. It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Drink
  11. Jesus Was a Hippie
  12. Memory To Memphis (Trace Adkins, Stevie Wonder & Keb’ Mo’)
  13. You’re Mine
  14. The Way I Wanna Go
  15. It All Adds Up to Us
  16. If I Was a Woman (ft. Blake Shelton)
  17. Got It Down
  18. Careful Girl
  19. Empty Chair
  20. Cowboy Up
  21. Somewhere in America
  22. So Do the Neighbors (Trace Adkins & Snoop Dog)
  23. I Should Let You Go
  24. Low Note
  25. Welcome To

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