Throwback Thursday – 10 Trace Adkins Songs You May Have Forgotten

By Michal Pietrzak

Trace Adkins

Photo Courtesy of Trace Adkins on Facebook

Trace Adkins is a well-recognized country music figure but did you know that he lost his pinky finger on the left hand and he made doctors reattach in such matter that he could still play guitar. He’s a big guy but deep down he’s hopeless romantic as he admits in his biography. His songs range from comedic like “Marry For Money” to serious like “Arlington” or “You’re Gonna Miss This” which but the way was recorded because he wanted to sing it on his daughter’s wedding and at the end, the song became one of his greatest hits.

Recently Adkins announced his 2020 “The Way I Wanna Go” tour which starts on the 5th of March and lasts until the 21st of August. For more information go to his site

Adkins has recorded 12 studio albums and delivered many hits like “Every Light in The House”, “Ladies Love Country Boys”, “Than They Do”, “I Got My Game On’ or “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”. He also has dropped some amazing songs that somehow didn’t become great hits. 

Before we get to the list here’s an Adkins quote from the story behind the song “I hope this is not chiseled on my headstone when I pass away but so far I haven’t recorded anything that’s drawn more attention than this one and maybe for a good reason, everyone loves honky tonk badonkadonk” 

Let’s take a look at some great songs you may still have to discover.

  1. Dreamin’ Out Loud – Sometimes we lose somebody but we wish we could take them back that’s why we sometimes dream out loud.  “Well I’d better be goin’/Got someplace to be/ I know she’s somewhere in this town/ And until I find her, and she comes back to me/ I’ll be dreamin’ out loud”


  1. It Was You – It’s not about the looks, it’s about what’s inside. The beauty within is all that matters and makes you truly fall in love. “It wasn’t the stars in the sky, that got to me that night/ Or the music that we were dancin’ to/ It wasn’t the moon up above, that had me fallin’ in love/ It was more than all those things alone could do/ It was you”


  1. Every One of You – Nothing describes this song better than the first verse.  “You’re Sleeping Beauty when I wake you with a kiss / And you’re Scarlet O’Hara when your hands are on your hips / You’re Marilyn Monroe when the wind blows your dress / And you’re I Love lucy, when your hair is all a mess / You’re Thelma and Lousie when you’re behind the wheel / You’re a Paris runway model when you’re walking in high heels / And when I feel like Romeo, you’re my Juliet / Even if there’s some of you I haven’t met yet/ I love every one of you.”


  1. She’s Still There – The most heart-wrenching, emotional, and tearful Trace Adkins song. It’s about death and not being able to live a long and decent life. We are convinced this one will make you tear up. “Lord, I know I’ll never see her/ With silver in her hair/ I know she’s really gone/ But in my heart, I’d swear/ That she’s still there in Oklahoma/ And she’s still seventeen/ She’s livin’ with her Mama”   


  1. Every Other Friday at Five Divorce is a huge emotional burden not only for kids but parents too. The song highlights the biggest obstacle that every divorced dad has to face. He can only see his children every other weekend. Soft and slow sounds and deep calming voice of the singer make you dive into the lyrics. It definitely makes you think. “He counts the days and then the hours / Till he can hold his babies in his arms/ And they’ll be watchin’ out the window/ When he pulls up in the drive/ On every other Friday, at five/ For forty-eight hours, they’re with him again/ But on Sunday afternoon he’s out of time/ Some folks call him a deserter, but his kids know he’ll arrive/ On every other Friday at Five”


  1. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow – There are so many things we take for granted so every now and then we should stop and appreciate everything we have. Life is not about material goods but about the love of your parents, husband or wife, kids, friends and a sense of peace within.  “I hope, we live forever/ And that day will never, come darlin’/ I know, if it ever happens/ I couldn’t imagine, not being in your arms/ There’s so much, we take for granted in life/ So love me, baby, like we’re runnin’ out of time” 


  1. Untamed  – If you feel overwhelmed by the city listen to this song and be free and be untamed. “I only want what I’ve got comin’/ I’ll take the credit and the blame/ Even when I’m bent and broken/ I pray my spirit always stays, untamed” 


  1. I Learned How To Love From You The hardest lesson in life is how to learn to love somebody. Especially today, in a world of quick deliveries, news, love, and marriages, finding a soulmate is very important. True love does not only come from the heart, but it also comes from the soul. “ You loved like there never was a risk/ Shared your heart with every tender kiss/ Now I know how much I have to give/ ‘Cause I learned how to love from you”


  1. The Stubborn One Lots of people come and go in our lives but only a few will come and stay forever. Grandparents, parents and close friends are the ones that will stick with us for a little longer than a while. “You’re the stubborn one/ My great-granddaddy’s son/ The one who drank his whiskey from a coffee cup/ Time has stripped you of/ So many things you love/ But you keep fighting on/ Because you’re the stubborn one”


  1. I Can Only Love You Like a Man – From a very young age, every girl hears stories about prince charming and knights in shining armor but they’re really hard to find in real life. The main point of these stories is to find Mr right guy who will show his appreciation and dedication.  “Now Heaven knows I’m no angel/ Just flesh and bone like all the rest/ I never claimed to have a halo/ All I can give you is my best/ But I will never try to hurt you/ Or even give you cause to doubt/ That my heart is yours forever/ Ain’t that what true love’s all about”

The best thing about Trace Adkins is that he only records songs that he believes in and can sing with conviction. It makes this list a little more special, more personal. 

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