Thomas Rhett & Morgan Wallen Collaborate on New Song “Mamaw’s House”

Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen collaborate on new song, “Mamaw’s House,” out now, September 29th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new track below.

In celebration of Thomas Rhett’s 20 Number Ones project, the singer-songwriter surprised fans by collaborating with another country music superstar. Rhett and Morgan Wallen just released a brand new duet called, “Mamaw’s House.” While country music collaborations are always exciting, seeing these two powerhouses joining forces is as iconic as it gets in these modern times.

The beautiful song pays homage to all the grandmother’s out there, and the special place they have in our hearts. Written by Rhett and Wallen with Matt Dragstrem and Chase McGill, “Mamaw’s House” begins with a touching recording of Wallen talking to his ‘Mamaw’ on the phone. It is a sweet and authentic display of affection that adds to the overall nostalgia of the song.

“It was always hotter than the grease she used to fry that chicken // Smelled like Marlboro Reds and all the butter from her biscuits // And that Lincoln in the driveway, circa 1982 // Was on the shiny side of rusty and on the paler side of blue // Cussin’ and complainin’ weren’t allowed in Mamaw’s house // If every nightstand had a Bible, every front porch had a swing // If every backyard had a garden, every front door had a screen // Well, maybe this crazy world would straighten up and slow on down // If every town had a Mamaw’s house”

While this song might not describe everyone’s relationship with their grandmothers, it is a prayer or a wish for everyone to know what it feels like to feel the love that only a ‘Mamaw’ can give.


Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen share brand new song, “Mamaw’s House,” out now.

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