The Cadillac Three: ‘Tabasco and Sweet Tea’ – Album Review

The Cadillac Three’s brand new album, TABASCO & SWEET TEA is available now, October 23rd on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dive deeper into the collection of songs in our full album review.

The Cadillac Three new album TABASCO & SWEET TEA

The Cadillac Three’s brand new album, TABASCO & SWEET TEA is available now

If fans were unclear of the sounds that influenced The Cadillac Three, vibes off their latest album TABASCO & SWEET TEA make clear the effect old rock favorites have had by effortlessly weaving that quality into this release.

Eleven songs of pure grit and rock with a contemporary country twist transport this collection to another realm of music; one that could gain them new fans. The band’s COUNTRY FUZZ came out in February, but together they knew they had more to give to their fans and deeper musical exploration to uncover.

Lead singer and guitarist Jaren Johnston describes the album as a science project, noting that it’s, “constantly moving in different directions,” and he could not have hit the nail on the head any better. Hip-inducing grooves and classic country lyrics constantly make you unsure of whether you’re at a rock concert or out on an old back road, but the marriage of the two creates an atmosphere of comfort. The fans can’t have in-person concerts right now, but jamming to this album gives you an iconic close replicate.

Written by Johnston, Alysa Vanderheym, and Ben Burgess, the opening track “Tabasco & Sweet Tea” is sure to make you hungry, with mentions of Blue Bell hot fudge, jerky, and sugar cane. Electric guitar solos and a solid backbeat make this a surefire dive bar listen.

The 80’s funk and hip hop fusion create just one of the hybrid sounds on this eleven-track album on “Head Over Wheels”. Expertly crafted bass lines underneath syncopated rhythms bring modern innovations to classic standards. Drummer Neil Mason goes on to say, “As we finished the last record, we knew we were only tapping the surface with songs like ‘The Jam’ for where we could go next musically and found ourselves inspired to dive into these sounds that we had never explored before as a band.”

Taking risks by traversing new territory has paid off in new types of sounds that fans can most definitely appreciate something different from a classic country song and sound.

“Bridges” has a rockin’ beat, but sneaks quite a life lesson in its lyrics, reminding listeners that all of our choices have consequences, and only by experience can you learn to decipher the ones meant for you.

“You’ve got to make your decision / Bridges, We live we learn which ones to cross which ones to burn”

“Money Ain’t Shit” starts off with a jammin’ guitar solo and deep gritty verse that transitions into a smooth belted chorus and a dynamic drop pause that is extremely captivating. “Turn the Radio On” follows suit with quick spoken verse lines that make for an easy fan sing-along at a concert.

As many of their fans are forced to explore new areas of their own lives, TC3 provides a soundtrack to which they did the same, turning over a new leaf in their sound and continuing to create. The feel may be influenced by the classics, conjuring a familiar feeling we all need right now to encourage forward motion. Anything but vintage though, the chic conversion of the old in TABASCO & SWEET TEA strike an innovative chord, projecting good vibes for the road ahead.

On October 27, TC3 will debut songs from TABASCO & SWEET TEA with a livestream for audiences in North America at 7:00P CT and UK/Europe at 20:00 CET.

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Tabasco & Sweet Tea is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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