Tenille Townes’ Talks Writing Music, Tour & More [Exclusive Interview]

In our exclusive interview, we chatted with Tenille Townes all about writing and recording music, her tour, and much more. Read all about it below.

Tenille Townes is kicking off 2022 with a bang. In addition to headlining her first American Tour, Townes has also released a handful of brand new songs that are bound to stop you in your tracks. We had the chance to catch up with the singer-songwriter on touring, her love of Patty Griffin, and her courageous songwriting.

Tenille Townes has become one of country music’s greatest songwriters since releasing her debut single to radio in 2018. Her material has always been the perfect combination of fun, intense, and meaningful, but lately, her newest songs have been more vulnerable and intimate than ever.

“I always just trust the music and where it feels like the song is carrying me,” she tells us. “On both “Villain In Me” and “When’s It Gonna Happen,” in the middle of that process, even vocally to my co-writers, I was like ‘oof this is really scary and honest. Am I really saying this?’ And I just felt the song saying yes… as I was writing them, I think the most therapeutic thought that [helped me] step past that initial fear of talking about these things, is ‘oh, I can’t be the only person that’s feeling this way’. So if that’s the case, then I’d love for all of us to be able to be honest in it together. That’s definitely given me so much courage.”

Townes is gearing up for the second leg of her headlining tour in the states, and she shared how excited she is to share new material and fan favorites. “I loved getting to do my first-ever headlining tour in Canada to close out the year, and the shows were so much fun. My heart’s been so ready to get back to that this month. I can’t wait to be able to play the songs from The Lemonade Stand and sing them together with everybody, and also sing these new songs! I’m excited to bring everybody on hopefully an emotional ride and be all vulnerable and intimate with our emotions and also kind of throw caution to the wind and have a good time. I want it to be a joyful escape for everyone.”

In modern country music, there are very few major label artists who have the guts and perhaps bravery to write about what Townes does. Her music has the kind of vulnerability that really only has been heard on a song like “Mad Mission” by Patty Griffin, or “You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone” by Lori McKenna. These two artist-writers also happen to be some of her biggest inspirations.

“Patty Griffin is my hero, her and Lori McKenna to me are songwriting legends. They just set the bar for what it means to be honest, truthful, and raw. What I love so much about Patty Griffin’s music is that it feels like she’s just holding open the door, and you feel your soul or your story gets whatever it needs out of listening to her music, and that’s such a huge inspiration to me, as I’m writing. Like, I think about how this music can shape somebody’s experience and open that door for listeners.”

If you have ever had a thought that you’ve been a little bit scared to admit out loud, it’s possible that Tenille Townes has already written that song. Her electrifying, vibrant, and, vulnerable music is one that has the potential to change the landscape of modern country music. If you have the opportunity to get out and see her live show this year, you should take advantage of that. You might just find some answers to those thoughts.

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