Teddy Robb: ‘Get Away With It’- EP Review

Teddy Robb’s brand new EP, Get Away With It, is out now, February 25th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

For Monument Recording artist Teddy Robb, the Get Away With It EP is a natural follow up to his 2020 self-titled offering. Featuring the hit “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You,” the debut EP introduced Robb, while the follow-up shows he’s here to stay. Interestingly, there were times during the past two years that Robb wasn’t sure if that was the case.

Completed during the pandemic, the singer-songwriter found himself at a turning point during the making of this record. “Everything was written from a place of reflection,” He says. “The whole EP came together during the pandemic when I spent a lot of time looking back on my life. I was forced to look at my career and say, ‘Do I think that music is a viable option?’ And ‘no’ was just not an acceptable answer.”

“Teddy has worked so hard to raise the bar as a writer and performer.  His work ethic has really blown my mind. He’s the first one in the studio, and the last to leave,” shares Monument Records Co-President Shane McAnally in a statement. ““Whiskey Can’t” is proof of the time and passion he has poured into his craft.”

That track opens the EP in style, setting the stage for a collection that remains true to Robb’s sound, yet shows natural growth. He’s not chasing musical trends here, but honing his country sound. Written by Robb with Kelly Archer, Pete Good, Josh Jenkins, and Brandon Ratcliff, the track is about a woman who gives him a stronger buzz than any drink could. While he knows the buzz of whiskey, this is something different and special.

“’Cause I’ve been three sheets to the wind// But I ain’t never been this drunk// Never had a harder time getting out of bed// Or waking up,” He sings. “I feel something different// When I got you in my hands// There ain’t a better buzz//  Girl, you do what the whiskey can’t.”

Robb is nostalgic on the truck song “1500,” which is far from the typical beers and tailgate track. Instead, it’s an ode to his teenage days spent in a special truck. Written by Robb, Good, Ratcliff, and Dave Turnbull, the idea of a truck song was originally scoffed at by Robb’s co-writers, but it was something the Ohio native believed in. “I said, ‘Look I know there’s a lot of truck songs, but I want to do my take on it.’” Shared Robb in a statement. “The first line we spit out was, ‘I was 16 in a 1500,’ and immediately we were like that’s the song right there.”

On “Get Away With It,” Robb shows his softer, more vulnerable side, wondering how he let a girl break his heart. On the twangy track, he admits that he’s usually the runner in relationships, but this time, the tables have turned.

I’m the one that’s supposed to run, but I didn’t.” He admits. “Now you’re the one that I’m missing// and I’m the one that fell apart// Yeah you’re the one that got away// And stole my heart// but how’d you get away with it?”

“Middle of Nowhere” sees Robb still heartbroken, finding himself in a bar wondering about the one that got away. The dark, moody track throws a clever lyric over heavier instrumentation and guitar than we’re used to from the singer, but it works flawlessly here. He’s trying to move on with a new girl, but admits that he may be in the “middle of the night, middle of a bar, middle of kissing somebody new,” but he’s also in the “middle of nowhere over you.”

The EP concludes with “Cigarettes’ll Kill Ya,” a clever twist on the broken-hearted tracks. It takes a cigarette to remind him of the one who got away, as he sings:

“That secondhand smoke// From the red and black cloves// Same ones we used to burn// When we’d get a little loaded// Up on a Friday, buzzing the night away// Damn, you were one in a million// Now, I’m sitting right here in a missing you haze// Hurts a little more with every drag that she’s taking// Baby I’m dying just to be with you// Yep, cigarettes’ll kill ya”

For Teddy Robb, the Get Away With It EP was born from a place of reflection during the pandemic, and it’s a solid five-song collection that proves the singer-songwriter has a bright future ahead.


Teddy Robb’s new EP, ‘Get Away With It’ is out now.

Get Away With It EP Tracklist:

  1. Whiskey Can’t
  2. 1500
  3. Get Away With It
  4. Middle of Nowhere
  5. Cigarettes’ll Kill Ya

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