Matt Roy: ‘Wildflower’- Debut EP Review

Matt Roy releases his debut EP, Wildflower, out now, February 25th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Every now and then we come across a debut project that we absolutely love! Matt Roy’s new EP, Wildflower is one of those projects. The singer-songwriter captivated us with the five-song record. Each song provides fans with an intricate look into Roy’s unique artistry and talent.

Beginning with, “Easy To Find,” Roy showcases his personality and songwriting prowess. The debut single is the perfect introduction into the singer-songwriter’s one-of-a-kind talent. Roy’s other previously released song, “That Town, That Truck, That Song” is also featured on this EP. The song is nostalgia wrapped up in a pretty melody.

“Yeah that Main Street, midnight red light blinking // That hand me down two tone // Ford oil leaking // That long neck bottle for a microphone singing // In that town, that truck, that song // You learned every word on that burnt CD // I learned every curve on that torn bench seat // Last I heard you were in Tennessee // But to me, you’ll always be // In that town, that truck, that song”

Wildflower also boasts three brand new songs. “Morning In New Orleans,” the second song off the project is a true masterclass in songwriting. The lyrics weave through you, as you listen to the story unfold. The hook and the chorus drop in an unexpected way that keeps you wanting more.

The final two tracks are quite possibly our favorites on the record. “When You Lose Someone” is a heartbreaking ballad. The emotions this song brings to the forefront are raw and painful, yet relatable and cathartic. Roy’s vocals soar on the beautifully-crafted song.

When you lose someone // Day turns to night, night turns to day // The grass grows knee-high in the yard // The razor don’t come near your face // When you lose someone // You kick yourself for things you did, but it’s funny how your memory only plays the greatest hits // When you lose someone”

The record culminates with the title track, “Wildflower.’ Quite possibly, one of the most personal on the project, Roy lets fans into the inner workings of his vices and his heart. The deeply passionate love song is worth the wait.

Overall, Roy’s debut EP is one of our favorites of the year so far. His ability to draw the listener in rivals any artist out there today. Wildflower is a true work of art that all fans of music should listen to.


Matt Roy’s debut EP, ‘Wildflower’ is officially here!

Wildflower EP Tracklist:

  1. Easy To Find
  2. Morning In New Orleans
  3. That Town, That Truck, That Song
  4. When You Lose Someone
  5. Wildflower

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