Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast

Sam Alex, creator of Camp Broadcast is inviting you to A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast featuring artists like Canaan Smith, Abby Anderson, and more. Learn more below.

We always love to support creatives in the industry, so we are so excited to share with you the incredible ticketed event coming soon. The ‘Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast’ featuring Canaan Smith, Darryl Worley, Ray Fulcher, and Abby Anderson is officially scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, Illinois. The incredible night of music helps raise money for Camp Broadcast.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Camp Broadcast, Camp Broadcast is a 1 week, masterclass experience for high school and college-aged aspiring journalists and broadcasters to put together a hosting reel, learn from professionals in the industry, and interview celebrities. Camp Broadcast was created by Sam Alex two years ago, during the pandemic.

“This week, 2 years ago because of Covid all these in-person internships were canceled […] I felt so bad. […] I just thought of ‘Camp Broadcast’ and asked my friends who worked in TV and Radio what they would think if I had a masterclass on Zoom,” shared Alex in our recent conversation. This idea sparked the now-live event.

“The coolest part is not just seeing them get their jobs, but the relationships they form with the guests, the celebrity mentors, but especially with each other, with their fellow campers,” shared the founder.” Alex later shared, “At the end of the week the campers will have a hosting reel, a very valuable 2-3 minute reel when they apply for internships and jobs of them interviewing actual newsmakers and celebrities.”

Despite all of the incredible good that has come out of Camp Broadcast, Alex’s goal is for the camp to be free for all who wish to attend. In order to make that happen, the upcoming benefit concert is essential.


To attend the Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert for Camp Broadcast, purchase your tickets here. Continue to support the incredible organization by following them on social media as well and spreading the word!

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Chris Lane Has Big, Big Plans For 2022 [Exclusive Interview]

In our exclusive interview, we chatted with Chris Lane all about his upcoming “Fill Them Boots” tour. Read more below!

Chris Lane has had quite the year already, and it’s just getting started. We had the opportunity to chat with him leading up to his “Fill Them Boots” tour.

A lot has changed in Chris Lane’s life since he released his sophomore album in 2018: he got married to his wife Lauren Bushnell, had two life-changing hit songs on country radio, his son Dutton was born, and now, he is embarking on his headlining “Fill Them Boots” tour.

“It’s been so good to be at home, especially these first [seven months] that Dutton’s been born…  I’ve really enjoyed it… I’m very very excited to get back on the road. There’s gonna be quite a few weekends that we bring Lauren and Dutton out, and we’ll still get to be together a lot, so I am very excited.”

Lane has released a plethora of new material in the past year: songs like the current single “Fill Them Boots” to the HIXTAPE collab “Small Town On It” to the latest release “Stop Coming Over”. If fans are excited to finally hear these new songs live, Lane is just as over the moon. “I think as an artist there is nothing like being in front of people. The energy is much different, and hearing them scream the words back to you is honestly the best part about creating music and being an artist. A lot of these songs, I haven’t even been able to play live yet, which is not normal. Usually, you record a song and you’re out on tour and you get to start playing it immediately.”

As his personal life has changed, his songwriting and even touring lifestyle have changed a bit since his last “Big, Big Plans” headlining tour. “When Lauren and I first started dating, it gave me a whole new inspiration to write about and a whole new set of feelings. And when we got married, the same kind of thing. It transitions your mindset a little bit,” he explained to us. “Even more so when you have a child – it all definitely plays into the kind of songs I write. It’s softened my heart a little bit more.”

When it comes to putting together a setlist for this tour, because of streaming analytics, he is able to know where in the world certain fans like certain songs. Using this data, he will be able to customize the setlists on the tour. Additionally, he’s most excited about connecting with the audience again. “I’m a big moments guy – I love having a lot of moments in my set. Whether that’s bringing somebody up on stage, usually a little girl, to sing ‘For Her’… I’ll probably keep that moment in my set.” If you haven’t gotten tickets for Chris Lane’s “Fill Them Boots” tour, it’s a show you’re not going to want to miss.

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High Valley Shares Two Brand New Songs in Exclusive Interview

High Valley is back with two brand new songs, “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not,” out now. Learn more about their new music below in our exclusive interview.

High Valley are one of those country acts that have firmly planted themselves in their staying power. The Canadian-group know exactly who they are. They continue to share music with their fanbase that shows their signature sound and their evolution. Today, High Valley drop two brand new songs, “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not.”

According to lead singer, Brad Rempel, in our recent interview, these songs mark the beginning of a new album coming in the Spring of 2022 for the band. “With these first two, we wanted to kind of let fans hear “Never Not” so they knew that our feet weren’t stuck in concrete, and that we are always evolving and kind of show the future, but also let them hear “Whatever It Takes” to let them know that we’re not anywhere close to sick of those boot-stomping, bluegrass anthem thing.”

“Never Not” shows off a fresh, pop-country sound of the band. Lyrically, the song expresses love in a unique and enticing way. Rempel shares that the title of the song was inspired by a statement that a pro Hockey player said to him while at an event together. As if that story is not wild enough, the song was actually written via Zoom, after a crazy string of events found Rempel writing and demo-ing the song in a work-share space.

“I’m whispering on my phone, ‘hey guys, my phone died, but I got this idea for the second verse.’ So we literally finished writing that song and recorded all the audio to make sure we all had it down on our iPhones by me sitting in a community workspace,” he shares, laughing. He later added, “The second verse is one of the most real things ever. ‘It’s a crowded room, but I still feel all alone and I just had to hear your voice on the phone’ and that’s so true for my wife and my two boys.”

On the other hand, “Whatever It Takes” features High Valley’s signature bluegrass, anthemic sound. Penned by Rempel with collaborators, Jon Nite and Ben Stennis, the track begs for the stage and a live crowd. The song was written during a writer’s trip to Florida, after the trio decided to call it a wrap.

“It just felt so natural, when you’re not trying to write a song, when you’re not trying to be an artist, just doing what I do. It is very old school, Americana-bluegrass, hipster, organic, insert buzzword here. But that kind of acoustic driven stuff and thankfully my buddies know how to make it to a European soccer stadium, anthem kind of song.”

Rempel adds, “When we combine those two worlds that’s when High Valley finds its magic.” We tend to agree!


High Valley releases two brand new songs, out now on all streaming platforms.

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“Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.