Kameron Marlowe: ‘We Were Cowboys’ – Album Review

Kameron Marlowe’s brand new, debut album, We Were Cowboys is out now, August 26th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

Since the first time we heard “Giving You Up,” we knew Kameron Marlowe was going to be a star. When we heard, “Steady Heart,” it was cemented. With the officially release of his debut album, We Were Cowboys, we are even more convinced! Marlowe is a standout vocalist and songwriter amongst a sea of talented musicians in country music. We Were Cowboys LP proves that he is here to stay.

Themes of nostalgia, heartbreak, and romance are evident throughout the sixteen song project. The title track and the the final song, “Long Way Down,” bookend project, both introducing who Marlowe is to the audience and reminding fans how primed for the stage he is. “We Were Cowboys” feels almost autobiographical, as it is clear that the singer-songwriter weaved some of his Carolina upbringing throughout the intricate lyrics.

“When I turned 16 my saddle was the front seat of that 1993 Silverado // On a dirt road // I was Eastwood cool with a Marlboro Red // Aztec blanket in an eight food bed // Earnin’ braggin’ rights, every Saturday night // Them small town girls couldn’t help but fall for us // We were cowboys”

Marlowe features other nostalgic and personal songs throughout the project. On “This Old Town” the singer-songwriter leans into the traditional country sound, expressing the nostalgia of country living. On “Country Boy’s Prayer,” one of the few outside cuts,  the traditional sound is heard again, as the singer talks to God. However, clearly one of the most personal on the record is the homey song, “Granny’s Got a Garden (For G’maw Jan)”

Although, we love the nostalgic songs, Marlowe shines on the break-up tracks that are sprinkled throughout the impressive project. While breakout songs like “Giving You Up,” “Girl On Fire,” and “Burn ‘Em All” gives fans a taste of the variety in the singer-songwriter’s talent, it is songs like “Does It Have to Be Over,” “Fool Me Again,” and “Over Now,” that continue to impress us.

Marlowe let’s his gritty vocals shine on “Does It Have to be Over.” He laments about not wanting a relationship to end, something we can all relate to. Similarly, on “Fool Me Again,” the singer-songwriter reflects on the could of beens and the remnants of a broken relationship. On the contrary, “Over Now” is a break-up tune that focuses on breaking up in the hopes of starting over one day.

“It is is what it is // And it ain’t what it was // And the same me saying let’s get back to us // This is loving you enough to tell you goodbye // Cause it’s all we got left that we ain’t yet tried // So let’s start over now”

Marlowe puts a twist on a break-up song on “Saying Goodbye.” Taking the perspective of an ex-lover, the singer talks to a future guy who dates the same girl, providing advice throughout the song. “There ain’t nothing like a girl saying goodbye // It’s like the world goes dark for a little while // You’re going to live, but a part of you is going to die.” The singer takes the advice-giving approach on the gritty song “Money Ain’t $hit” too.

Marlowe’s debut project is everything we hoped it would be. The singer clearly takes his craft seriously, creating music that is going to continue to attract more and more fans as his young career blossoms. According to the singer in a recent press release, he expresses, “I couldn’t be prouder of this project, and I’m incredibly excited for fans to get a deeper look at who I am through these songs.” He definitely should be proud!

Kameron Marlowe – We Were Cowboys Track List:

  1. We Were Cowboys (*Kameron Marlowe, Wyatt McCubbin, Tyler Farr)
  2. Country Boy’s Prayer (*Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)
  3. Girl On Fire (*Kameron Marlowe, Jason Gantt, Josh Osborne)
  4. Giving You Up (*Kameron Marlowe)
  5. Does It Have to Be Over (*Kameron Marlowe, Josh Hoge, Wyatt McCubbin)
  6. This Old Town (*Kameron Marlowe, Tyler Farr, Wyatt McCubbin)
  7. Money Ain’t $hit (*Casey Beathard, Brice Long, Shane Minor)
  8. Fool Me Again (*Kameron Marlowe, Rob Williford, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  9. Burn ‘Em All (*Kameron Marlowe, Brinley Addington, Joey Hyde, Aaron Eshuis)
  10. Steady Heart (*Kameron Marlowe, Jessi Alexander, Dan Isbell)
  11. Over Now (*Tucker Beathard, Jake Mitchell)
  12. Saying Goodbye (*Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin, Mark Nesler)
  13. Ain’t Enough Whiskey (*Kameron Marlowe, John Pierce, Dan Isbell)
  14. Runnin’ Out On You (*Alex Maxwell, Dawson Edwards, Liam Stolly)
  15. Granny’s Got a Garden (For G’maw Jan) (*Kameron Marlowe, Rob Williford, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  16. Long Way Down (*C. Michael Spriggs, Craig Wiseman)

*songwriting credits
Songs 4 and 9 produced by Brad Hill; All others produced by Dann Huff

Country Swag Picks

  1. Over Now
  2. Burn ‘Em All
  3. Runnin’ Out On You
  4. Fool Me Again

Kameron Marlowe’s brand new album, ‘We Were Cowboys’ is officially here.

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