Kip Moore Releases New Song “How High” & Announces Ryman Show

Kip Moore’s new song, “How High” is available now, January 15th, on all streaming platforms. The song marks the second to be released of four new tracks coming from the deluxe version of his Wild World album, due out February 12th.

The original 13-track version of Wild World included songs like “Red White Blue Jean American Dream” and “She’s Mine”. The deluxe edition will include four new songs including already released “Don’t Go Changing” and now, “How High”.

The brand new track, “How High” is a metaphor about how unbelievably crazy the song’s character is about this girl. Comparing his affection for her to the smoke that fills up a room, to a balloon that gets released in the sky, and to the stars in outer space. The song takes on a deeper and less obvious meaning through the euphoric story that is told through its music video. 

The music video develops the story of an elderly woman living life how she desires, without allowing age to become any kind of a factor. Opening the video to how you’d imagine her morning begins: with her making tea and moving slow, dressed in her robe and glasses. Then, as she looks at pictures of herself young, she makes a decision that she should be living the same way she did back then. She goes into her closet and grabs her big white fur coat, her shiny gold pants, puts on a ‘PARTY’ fanny pack and red lipstick, lets her hair down, and trades her elderly looking glasses for big fancy ones. 

“A Red balloon / let it go / watch it rise till the jet stream blows / a million miles / above the blue / girl that’s how high (how high) / I get on you”

Kip Moore’s New Song “How High” is available now

Kip Moore’s New Song “How High” is available now

The woman in the video goes outside with a red balloon in her hand and is dancing her way through the streets wherever she goes as she smokes and drinks. She is in her element, loving life, and not giving a damn what others are thinking about how she looks or what she’s doing. Her neighbor and other young people she passes give her looks and make fun of her as she passes, but once she interacts with them, they begin to act just the same as her. She is teaching them how to be young.

At the end of the day, she goes to the beach, walks out to the ocean, and lets the red balloon go. As she does, all those amazing moments flash in her mind and it’s like a feeling of relief and happiness knowing that’s how she spent her day and her life. 

“All the way / To the great beyond / Just to stand and wait at the Pearly Gates of God / And when you go / I’ll go there to ”

Lyrically, this song is incredible and the video’s story and character only deepens the beauty of the song’s message.

With the release of “How High” Moore also announced, “Wild World Deluxe: Live From The Ryman” a socially-distanced show and global livestream event at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Taking place on release day, February 12th at 8PM CT. Tickets go on sale on January 19th and one dollar from every ticket sold will be donated to ACM Lifting Lives.

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“How High” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.