5 New Male Country Artists to Be Excited About

Here are five new male country music artists that you should be paying attention to as they establish themselves in the genre.

Elvie Shane

Listen: “My Boy”

The incredible single-songwriter recently released his debut project County Roadsfollowed by his follow-up project,BacksliderShane’s debut radio single, “My Boy” landed him his first number one song back in October and thee singer-songwriter shows no signs of slowing down. His unique charm, charisma, and honest songwriting make him one of the artists we are most excited about this year. His talent is cool and fresh, and he is already vibing with country fans across the genre. Keep up with Shane on Instagram here.


Jackson Michelson

Listen: “Tip Jar”

Another artist we are loving, Jackson Michelson is one to look out for. Modern country lovers will fall in love with him in no time. He has radio appeal, swagger, and talent for days. Similar to one of our favorites, Filmore, Michelson is all about fun-loving and heartfelt songs. Check out his new EP, Back To That Summer, here. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram.


Kameron Marlowe

Listen: “Giving You Up”

Arguably one of our standout favorites, Kameron Marlowe has intrigued us since the first moment we heard his music. His self-titled debut EP is one of the best we have heard in a long time. The singer writes and sings songs that are enticing, relatable, and as real as they come. Although we would recommend his whole record, his current single, “Giving You Up” is a must-listen. Follow along with him here.


Heath Sanders

Listen: “Common Ground”

We are also so excited about Heath Sanders and you should be too. When we interviewed the singer back in January about his Common Ground EP, we learned just how passionate he is for his craft. The four-song project conveys his love for country music and its listeners. We recommend that everyone add Sanders to their music rotation! Keep up with Sanders on Instagram here.


Jordan Rowe

Listen: “More Me”

Rounding out our list is the super talented, Jordan Rowe. The rising star has a sound that’s both modern yet traditional. He has written with some of the most talented songwriters in the industry, and it’s clear that now is the time for him to shine as an artist. With support from superstars like Luke Combs, who he opened for, there’s no denying that this is just the beginning for Jordan Rowe. Check out his debut album, Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, here. Keep up with Jordan Rowe on Instagram here.


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