Here is Stephen Wilson Jr.’s Debut Album ‘søn of dad”

Stephen Wilson Jr’s  brand new debut double album, søn of dad is out now, September 15th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Big Loud Records recording artist, Stephen Wilson Jr. is making his album debut with a double album called søn of dad. The special record features six songs from Wilson’s Bon Aqua EP, as well as, sixteen new songs that add to the singer-songwriter’s growing catalog. Inspired by his relationship with his late father and his life so far, the debut album speaks to Wilson as both an artist and as a human.

“Writing and making this album has been very therapeutic for me to learn who I am and what my existence looks like after my father. Because life has to go on,” Wilson says. “I’m living my own life, but it’s like his death bookended what life he should have had onto mine and I’m carrying it around like a train car.”

A true tribute to his dad, søn of dad is a monumental record for anyone who has every experienced a love and a loss so great. Listen to the record below!

søn of dad Track List:

  1. the devil (Stephen Wilson Jr.)
  2. Cuckoo (Stephen Wilson Jr., Travis Meadows, Jeffrey Steele)
  3. billy (Stephen Wilson Jr.)
  4. patches (Stephen Wilson Jr., Jeffrey Steele)
  5. American Gothic (feat. Hailey Whitters) (Stephen Wilson Jr., Benjamin West, Hailey Whitters)
  6. Werewolf (Stephen Wilson Jr., Bryan Simpson)
  7. Mighty Beast (Stephen Wilson Jr., Ryan Necci)
  8. Year to Be Young 1994 (Stephen Wilson Jr., Benjamin West)
  9. twisted (Stephen Wilson Jr., Jeremy Spillman, Connor Thuotte)
  10. Father’s Son (Stephen Wilson Jr., Josh Kerr, Nick Wayne)
  11. Grief Is Only Love (Stephen Wilson Jr., Jeffrey Steele)
  12. Hang in There (Stephen Wilson Jr.)
  13. Calico Creek (Stephen Wilson Jr., Jesse Murphy, Michael Wilkes)
  14. Holler from the Holler (Stephen Wilson Jr., Craig Wiseman)
  15. Hometown (Stephen Wilson Jr., Marv Green, Tony Lane)
  16. Not Letting Go (Stephen Wilson Jr., Andrew DeRoberts)
  17. For What It’s Worth (Stephen Wilson Jr., Benjamin West)
  18. All the Wars from Now On (Stephen Wilson Jr.)
  19. kid (Stephen Wilson Jr., Lori McKenna, Benjamin West)
  20. Henry (Stephen Wilson Jr., Tony Lane)
  21. You (Stephen Wilson Jr., Bryan Simpson)
  22. The Beginning (Stephen Wilson Jr.)

Stephen Wilson Jr.’s new album, søn of dad is out now on all streaming platforms.

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