5 Things to Expect from Sean Stemaly’s Album ‘Product Of A Small Town’

We chatted with country singer, Sean Stemaly about his new album, Product Of A Small Town, out this Friday, February 18th. Here are five things to expect from the upcoming project.

  1. Stemaly’s debut album is full of real and personal songs that are authentic to him as both a person and as an artist.

“The writing part literally comes from just living it. […] That’s kind of where the writing comes from that’s why a lot of it is super specific sometimes, there’s a lot of farm mentions in my stuff, it’s just telling a story.”

  1. Although an outside cut on the record, Stemaly shares that his song “As Far As I Know” is as personal to him as it gets.

“Every little lyric and detail about that the song is about a relationship I had at 18 […] even down to the white church and everything, down to a tee.”

  1. Stemaly is looking forward to performing some of the new songs live and gauging fan’s reactions!

“Product [the title track] is really fun to play live because it’s so prideful and everyone gets hyped to it. […] Out of the ones that ain’t been heard, maybe “If Heaven Had A Weekend,” because it’s a building song, so I’m looking forward to seeing how fans react to that.”

  1. The singer-songwriter’s blue-collar upbringing has helped him to make it in music city.

“It’s all about taking that blue-collar work mentality. […] If you take that mentality to this town, Nashville, you’ll be fine.”

  1. Stemaly is as humble as they come and the debut album will reflect that.

“I want people to really get to know who I am as an artist. It gives me an opportunity to tell my story in song format. Every song is different, it’s not sonically the same anywhere in my opinion […]. I just hope that fans can get to know me and just know that I’m just like them.”


Sean Stemaly’s new album, ‘Product Of A Small Town,’ is out this Friday!

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