NYCS First Impression: Riley Green ‘Different Round Here’

Riley Green Different Round Here

Alabama native and one of our favorite rising artists, Riley Green finally released his debut record entitled Different ‘Round Here. The fourteen-track record is full of songs for both the traditional and modern-day country lover. It encompasses eight of the songs off his renowned EP’s In a Truck Right Now and Get That Man a Beer EP. The new record is laced with old-school country influences and themes of heartbreak, love, and pride in small-town upbringing. Green continues to prove why we named him one of our 2019 Artists to Watch.

As it should, the album begins with “There Was This Girl,” which was the song that seemingly started it all for Green. The track was both his first radio single and his first number one song, and the buzz surrounding the track quickly catapulted Green into the limelight. Check out our Swag Session with him, where he sang the song as it was climbing the charts, along with, “In A Truck Right Now,” a heartfelt ballad off the record.

The album also features “Same Old Song” and “Break Up More Often.” The former is an upbeat bop, while the latter is a romantic ode to the trials people face in a relationship. Green lays it on thick for the girl he loves, expressing the charming and cheeky sentiment “If tellin’ each other goodbye is gonna lead to a long slow kiss / If you tearin’ out of my drive is gonna get us makin’ love like this / It’s crazy to think that yesterday we weren’t even talkin’ / if this is how it’s gonna be / then baby maybe we should break up more often.”

Green continues to melt hearts with his true blue country twang and swoon-worthy vocals in “My First Everything” and “Hard To Leave.” The first is a slightly melancholy, yet nostalgic tune. The singer reminisces about that “that first loving feeling.” He laments about the feelings that only apply to your first love. He lets fans into the inner workings of his heart on this track. “You were my first love / My first broken heart / That’s all you were to me / Just my first everything.”

In “Hard To Leave,” Green’s vocals are accompanied by a soft musical arrangement. While still keeping his manly man edge, the singer admits to not wanting to leave his girl after a great time together. Calling it a “tough love song,” the singer-songwriter shines a light on the special moments of experiencing love, without actually mentioning the word. “Girl you make it hard to leave / You got some kind of hold on me / You drive me wild / Giving me that smile.”

The rising artist continues to emote in “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” and “Numbers On The Cars.” Both pre-released tracks pay homage to Green’s late grandfathers. The first garnered approval by fans even before its release. It’s a staple at his live shows and Green’s current radio single. The latter is a more direct appreciation song for both of his grandfathers. He tackles the difficult subject of Alzheimer’s disease and how it changes your relationship with your loved ones. Green’s vulnerability and authenticity are obvious in both of these impactful tracks.

For fans, who love Green’s honesty, the singer included two songs that personify pride in his upbringing. Both the title track and “Outlaws Like Us” remind fans that the rising artist will always be a good ole’ country boy at heart. In both songs, the singer shows his appreciation for the American flag and his “one-stoplight town.” Although clearly personal, both the songs tug at your heartstrings and also make you cherish your own upbringing, regardless of how similar or different it may have been.

Continuing the theme of honesty, Green shows off his unique perspective on break-ups in “In Love By Now,” “Runnin’ With An Angel,” and “Get That Man A Beer.” The first track tells the story of a guy admitting that he probably blew his chance with a girl that has it all together and knows her worth, while “Runnin’ With An Angel” appears to be a song about the singer’s muse. He compares himself to the devil and her to an angel, while admitting that he tried everything to get over her. Finally, he comes to the realization that she’s too good for him.

In “Get That Man A Beer,” Green ironically sides with his ex’s ex-boyfriend. Relating to what the man went through post-break-up, “she did what she did to me to him,” he empathizes by encouraging others to buy the guy a drink.

Regardless of whatever side of Green you relate to the most, he’s got that undeniable ‘it factor’ and one of a kind talent. According to the rising artist, “Whether you’re writing or singing country music, the best thing you can be is different. And I want to have a sound that is unique.” He goes on to add:  “For me to say, ‘We do things different round here’ was a good way to present not only my first record, but me. I do things different and the fans allow me to do that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In this case, Green nails it. He created a record that is undoubtedly unique, yet has that familiarity, where listeners will want to listen again and again. We can’t wait to see his career take off! Find tickets to his first-ever headlining tour here.

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Different ‘Round Here is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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