Parmalee Reaches Milestone with “Country Dictionary” Series


Country music band, Parmalee, comprised of brothers, Matt and Scott Thomas, as well as, their cousin Barry Knox, and friend, Josh McSwain have reached a milestone last week. Back in 2017, the band created a fun and quirky YouTube series, geared towards explaining their home town phrases, entitled ‘Country Dictionary,’ releasing their 100th episode just yesterday.

Hailing from North Carolina, the boys have a unique vocabulary of words and phrases otherwise known as, ‘Parmalism,’ that they use to communicate with each other over the years, all stemming from their upbringing. The band gives credit to their southern roots, as well as, their family members for the creation of their colloquial native language (Parmalism).

The band excitedly announced their accomplishment via their twitter, encouraging followers to check out their 100th episode. “100 EPISODES!!! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors!! & we’re just gettin started!! We’ve heard em all and we putting them all here together on #countrydictionary#parmalisms (need a good laugh? see every episode by clicking the hashtags or our YouTube channel).”

Through its 100 episodes, Parmalee’s “Country Dictionary” series has taught us the meaning of the words, “wollered,” “crackhawk,” and “mash,” as well as, the phrase, “hawg maui” and “sausage fingers,” among many others. For the 100th installment video, Thomas, Thomas, Knox, and McSwain introduce us to the verb “hoodoo,” defining it as similar to being scammed or tricked.

Check out the humorous video below. Who knows, you might learn some other North Carolina slang in the process.

Keep up with the fun-loving Parmalee’s youtube series here, as well as, on Twitter and Instagram. When it comes to music, the men continue to play shows throughout the country. Head to to check out their tour schedule, and see if they’re playing a show near you soon.


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