Parker McCollum Earns Third Number One Single with “Handle On You”

Parker McCollum’s song, “Handle On You” goes number one at country radio this week, marking his third number one single. Learn all the details here.

In the last year, Parker McCollum has transformed himself into a mainstay in country music. Last year, McCollum earned his second number one single at country radio with “To Be Loved By You.” Today, the singer-songwriter continues the streak, landing his third number one with his latest radio single, “Handle On You.”

McCollum has a knack for creating songs that tug at fans’ heartstrings. Written by the singer with Monty Criswell, the song is a clear fan-favorite. Each of his releases feels distinctly perfect for his artistry. “Handle On You,” his newest number one, is an emotive, heartbreak song that is both relatable and painful all at the same time.  While the chorus is catchy, the verses are where the true magic happens on this song.

“Sittin’ at the table, baby, breaking the seal // Gonna see how much of this pain I can kill // I went and bought the biggest bottle they got ’cause you’re gone // Tennessee and Kentucky ’cause you ain’t here to love me // I drink now that there’s nothing to lose // I’ve been fightin’ with your memory, I hate the way it hits me // I wake up every day, black and blue // After all this back and forth, a fifth won’t do // Yeah, I finally got a handle, finally got a handle on you”

Congratulations to Parker McCollum and his team on this accomplishment!

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