Justin Moore: ‘Stray Dog’ Album Review

Justin Moore shares his new album, Stray Dog, officially out now, May 5th on all streaming platforms. Learn more and listen to the new album below.

When it comes to country artists who consistently release solid albums but tend to fly under the radar, Justin Moore is at the top of that list. The modern traditionalist is back with Stray Dog, the follow up to 2021’s Straight Outta the Country, featuring eight new tracks. Moore co-wrote all but one, the already-released duet with Priscilla Block, “You, Me, and Whiskey.”

Opening with the rocking “Everybody Get Along,” Moore partners with Riley Green on the tune dedicated to the idea of unity between people. There’s nothing preachy here, but the message is clear: We’re all different but the same. We may have different opinions, but we can all get along, despite our differences.

“I like this and I like that // But when it comes down to it // We got each other’s backs // In a world where all we do is fight and fuss and disagree // Why can’t everybody get along like you and me?”

The other duet on the album is the soulful and aforementioned “You, Me, and Whiskey,” which finds Moore and Block trading verses about rekindling a relationship over a few too many drinks. On the sexy duet, Block is the perfect partner for Moore, their voices blending as smoothly as a good glass of whiskey.  “I can’t find this me in a red wine glass,” She drawls, as he adds,  “Yeah and I can’t find it in a beer…Ain’t nothin’ as sweet// ain’t nothin’ as strong // As you, me, and whiskey all night long.”

Alcohol continues to play a role on “That Wasn’t Jack,” a mid-tempo that finds Moore blaming drunk dials and lonely moments on himself, instead of the drinks, while “Rich or Drunk Trying” is a tongue-in-cheek look at the search for a “sugar mama.” Lyrically, it finds Moore looking for love in all the rich places, searching for a CEO or another well-off woman to spend his time with.

“Better Slow” is an immediate standout, about enjoying life while you still have time because you may not always have the time. Here, Moore croons about how “You just never know…Some things are better slow.” Meanwhile, “With a Woman You Love” hit #1 on Billboard’s US Country airplay chart, and with good reason. The lead single from this record is one of Moore’s strongest, most poignant offerings to date.

Lastly, the LP’s autobiographical, title track, “Stray Dogs,” finds the Valory recording artist unapologetically himself. It’s a triumphant ode to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, but in the end, is true to themselves. “I’ve never just gone along with the crowd,” Moore says in a statement. “I’ve always tried to follow my heart and let the chips fall where they may, and I’m really proud of that.”  

On his new album, Stray Dog, Justin Moore continues to walk the line between traditional and modern country. While he may sometimes feel like an outsider, songs like “Better Slow,” “Everybody Get Along,” and “With a Woman You Love” continue to prove why he’s a country mainstay.

Stray Dog Track List:

  1. Everybody Get Along feat. Riley Green (Justin Moore, David Lee Murphy, Jeremy Stover)
  2. That Wasn’t Jack (Justin Moore, David Lee Murphy, Chris Stevens, Jeremy Stover)
  3. With A Woman You Love (Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill, Jeremy Stover)
  4. Better Slow (Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover)
  5. Stray Dogs (Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover)
  6. Country on It (Justin Moore, Casey Beathard, Paul DiGiovanni, Jeremy Stover)
  7. You, Me, And Whiskey feat. Priscilla Block (Jessi Alexander, Brock Berryhill, Cole Taylor)
  8. Get Rich or Drunk Trying (Justin Moore, Casey Beathard, Paul DiGiovanni, Jeremy Stover)

Justin Moore’s newest album, ‘Stray Dog,’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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