Scotty McCreery Earns 6th Number One Song with “Cab In A Solo”

Scotty McCreery earns his 6th number one single at country radio with his song “Cab In A Solo.” Get all the details here.

Since 2011, when he was seventeen, Scotty McCreery has slowly, but surely become a country music superstar. The American Idol winner continues to create music that his diehard fans flock to. Five out of his last six singles to impact country radio all landed at the top of the charts. McCreery’s current radio single, “Cab In A Solo,” adds to that list, marking his 6th number one song at country radio.

Written by McCreery with Brent Anderson and Frank Rogers, “Cab In A Solo” is a classic heartbreak song. Filled with emotion and the feel of a classic 90s country song, the singer checks off every box for a solid country jam. McCreery knows the type of songs his fanbase loves, and “Cab In A Solo” is definitely one of them.

“But I’m parked out here on her street // Looks like the joke’s on me // Sitting here, I can’t believe what I just saw // Couple shadows kissing on her bedroom wall // It’s looking like my plan didn’t work out at all // Heartbreak turned into broke up // So now I’m finding out how a heartbreak taste // With a Silver Oak, 1998 // Drinking cab in a solo // Solo in the cab of my truck”
Congrats to Scotty McCreery on his sixth number one single! We are sure there are more number ones in the cards for him as he continues to crank out great music including his brand new album, “Rise And Fall”, due out May 10th.

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