Old Dominion Goes Number One at Country Radio with “Memory Lane”

Old Dominion goes number one at country radio with their song, “Memory Lane,” marking their first chart-topper, since 2019. Get all the details here!

Platinum-selling country group, Old Dominion is one of the best acts in the genre right now. It is hard to believe that they have not found their way to the top of the country charts, since 2019 with their single, “One Man Band.” They finally landed another number one as they embark on a new era of their music with their song, “Memory Lane.”

Written by band members, Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, and Brad Tursi with Jessie Jo Dillon, “Memory Lane” is one of those songs that will go down as a crowd-favorite for Old Dominion. The song feels nostalgic and homey, just like many of their songs. The track is one of those songs that have all the elements fans have grown to expect and love from the incredible band.

“You’re pullin’ me closer, your head on my shoulder // We’d never let go and we’d never be over // If I could buy a house on Memory Lane // I wouldn’t have to wonder if you miss me the same // I’d be lovin’ you as usual, tellin’ you you’re beautiful // Oh, I’d be happily delusional”

Congrats to Old Dominion and their team on an incredible win and another number one song!

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