Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde’s Song “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” Goes #1

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s incredible song, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” officially goes number one at country radio. Learn more here…

It is about time that Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s killer duet, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” found its way to the top of the country charts! The song has been a fan-favorite for quite some time now, even earning nominations at various award shows. The number one marks the third top track for Pearce and the first for McBryde.

“Never Wanted To Be That Girl” tells the heart-wrenching story of two women loving the same man.  Written by the songstresses with Shane McAnally, the song is undeniably catchy and poignant. The back and forth nature of the story makes for an enticing listen, every time. Pearce and McBryde prove that women in country music are absolute superstars!

“I never wanted to be that girl // I never wanted to hate myself // I thought this kind of lonely only happens to somebody else // Bein’ the other one when there’s another one // God, this feels like hell // Thought I knew who I was, but it’s gettin’ hard to tell // I never wanted to be that girl”

Both singer-songwriters put words to an experience that many women (and men) unfortunately go through. It truly is country music songwriting at its finest. Congrats to Pearce and McBryde on their number one!

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s song “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” is officially #1.

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