Dylan Marlowe: ‘Dirt Road When I Die’ EP Review

Dylan Marlowe shares brand new EP, Dirt Road When I Die, out now, July 7th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Since making his major-label debut in January, Dylan Marlowe has been impressing fans across the country. The singer-songwriter had a knack for creating modern music that resonates across the genre. Today, his brand new project, Dirt Road When I Die is officially out featuring eight songs.

The new EP kicks off perfectly with Marlowe’s debut single, “Record High.” On the previously released track, the singer proves how talented of an artist he is. Easily a song that any established artist would love to cut, “Record High” is one of those special songs that cement the talent of an up and coming artist.

Dirt Road When I Die EP is full of those types of songs. From songs like “Record High” to touching songs for his wife like “You Were Right (Nat’s Song)” and everything in between, Marlowe proves his staying power. On the latter track, Marlowe tugs at the listeners’ heartstrings. “You Were Right” is quite possibly the engagement song of the year.

Marlowe’s songwriting talent continues to be on full display on songs like “Grew Up Country” and “Empty Shotgun (Mr. Mechanic).” Both songs showcase the singer’s fresh and authentic approach to music. “Grew Up Country” is Marlowe’s love letter to his hometown, while “Empty Shotgun” is a heart-wrenching, yet beautiful break-up song.

“Ain’t like there’s nothing in the tank // It’s full of 87 // I don’t think it’s what you think // Yeah, this thing runs like heaven // If you wanna know why // I can’t drive // When I climb in this truck // Yeah, it’s got a cab full of memories // And an empty shotgun”

Marlowe’s new songs, “What I Know Now,” the title track, and “Rich Kids” are impressive additions to the singer’s growing catalog of music. “What I Know Now” belongs on the radio because of its relatability and catchy melody, while “Rich Kids” is true, bottled up nostalgia in song-form. However, the title track, “Dirt Road When I Die” is a true standout on the EP. The song is a perfect accompaniment to “Grew Up Country.”

Although his career is still young, Marlowe proves with each and every release that he can hang with the best of them. The singer-songwriter knows how to craft a meaningful lyric and relays each message he writes with incredible ability and authentic vulnerability. Dirt Road When I Die EP is a solid record that deserves every fan it earns him!

Dirt Road When I Die EP Track List:

  1. Record High
  2. What I Know Now
  3. Dirt Road When I Die
  4. You See Mine
  5. Rich Kids
  6. You Were Right (Nat’s Song)
  7. Empty Shotgun (Mr. Mechanic)
  8. Grew Up Country

Dylan Marlowe shares new EP, ‘Dirt Road When I Die’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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