NYCS Swag Spotlight: Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen Randy Rogers

In the midst of all the chaos in the world, it was a pleasure to speak to our Swag Spotlight artists this week, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen. Both men have established profound careers in the Texas country scene in their own right with Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen music, but together, they are relatable, personable, and of course, make some great country music.

Rogers and Bowen both hail from Texas but grew up with a different attachment to music. For Rogers, music was always in his blood. “I grew up a son of a preacher,” he tells us, “ I was in church at a young age performing piano, guitar, and singing. […] I learned all the melodies of all those songs.” For Bowen, he showed his creative side by writing short stories and poems, calling himself “late” to music. “I didn’t really get into guitar until I was about 17,” he shared. Despite that notion, Bowen added, “I knew I wanted to play music.”

Little did either of the singers know, that they were soon to cross paths. When he was 19, Bowen started a band, playing gigs throughout college in towns like San Marcos, where Rogers went to school. After seeing Bowen gig, Rogers invited him and the band to come party with them, and the rest is history.

“I went up to them after the show and said I have a keg and they came over to my house […] and we were playing music until 5 in the morning most nights. And we started talking about stuff and playing music and stuff, and that was really it,” Rogers exclaims.

Flash forward to almost 20 years later, the two men have created some incredible traditional Texas country music together, as they promised each other years before. “We met through music,” they shared, “We’ve been friends ever since that night and made a pact that we were going to hang out and write songs and stick by each other’s side.”

Their newest record, HOLD MY BEER, VOL. 2 is slated for release this Friday. After a five year wait, fans can expect the record to be exactly what they need right now. For the men, the record and their projects together are a chance to challenge themselves through both the writing and recording processes. The newest record is all about having some fun.

“We focused on lifting people up and making people smile,” they shared, “That’s what this album’s about. Grab a beer with your friends and just listen to this record, and just have some fun.”

Despite not being able to tour just yet, the talented artists made the tough decision to keep their original album release date, and we are so glad they did. Music is something that inspires us all, and Rogers and Bowen truly embody that sentiment. “Country music is the blues,” Bowen shares, “It’s the blue-collar, the working man telling the story, it’s most times- it’s the stories of true life. People make country music a part of their lives. […] It’s crazy how songs just find their way into our lives.”

We are confident that when live music is played again and shows are scheduled, that country music fans, especially New York country music fans will come out in droves to support their favorite acts such as Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen because as Rogers says “We share the same passion for country.”

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 Check back on Friday for our full review of HOLD MY BEER, VOL 2.



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