NYCS First Impression: Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen ‘HOLD MY BEER, VOL 2.’

Hold My Beer Wade Bowen Randy Rogers

Fans of Texas country megastars, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen are in for a real treat this Friday morning (5/8). The twosome released their first record in five years, a fun and exciting new project that picks up where they left off. HOLD MY BEER, VOL 2. is a purposeful masterpiece that the two meticulously wrote and ultimately recorded songs from the heart.

During our Swag Spotlight with the singers, we learned that Bowen and Rogers are long-time friends for almost 20 years. That notion is clearly embodied throughout the twelve cohesive songs off the new record. Each track is laced with vocals by the duo, but even more so, the songs tell the story of their friendship, their mutual love for traditional country music, and their respect and admiration for the genre as a whole.

“AM/FM” kicks off the album with a bang. The groovy and comedic song features banjos, horns, and drums while depicting a picture-perfect country scene. “Rodeo Clown” continues that vibe, as the duo laughs about losing a woman to a “rodeo clown.” The sarcastic tune is funny, witty, and as catchy as can be.

The duo shows off their comedic side again on the track simply titled “Her.” Rogers and Bowen lean on their knack for story-telling, as they talk to a guy, who they only like because of his girl. Ultimately, the man gets too drunk and loses his girl to the charm of the other men. “The other guy” taught him a lesson in this one.

“Yeah, the moral of the story is if you take your girl somewhere to quench your thirst / Don’t drink more than the other guy, and always, always, keep your eye on her.”

Rogers and Bowen trade lyrics on “Habits,” a true duet that depicts their vices. The two consider the pros and cons of drinking and smoking, but ultimately decide, that they are having too much fun to change. Amen to that fellas!

Two of the songs off the record pay homage to the country music family “Let Merle Be Merle,” has the duo advocating for simplicity and consistency in the ever-changing world, but of course the late, great, Merle Haggard is an integral part of the song. On the other hand, “Ode To Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s Song)” honors both Waylon Jennings and Ben Dorcy. Jennings’ unreleased vocals are sampled at the beginning of the song, and the country music great wrote the tune. Of course, the song honors Ben Dorcy, who was a longtime fixture in the country music industry for his work backstage. He is considered by many to be the ultimate ‘roadie.’

The record continues to flow with “Rhinestoned” sitting as the number 5 track. Arguably the best song off the record, the song is a love letter to country music. Written by Lori McKenna, Ryan Beaver, and Ashley Ray, the song reminds us all about the times country music has been there for us. This song is truly flawless lyrically, sonically, and vocally.

Another standout track is “This Ain’t My Town.” Rogers and Bowen joined forces with Jon Randall and Jim Beavers to create a song about their values and their experiences. The men sing about how cities are taking the place of rural and country landscapes. The soft acoustic guitar plays well with the venerable lyrics of the song. They firmly state “Pack my bags I ain’t lookin’ back / This ain’t my town.”

Just as it started, the records ends on a fun and exciting note with the title track, “Hold My Beer.” One of our favorites, the song is a honky-tonk good time and the perfect drinking tune. It celebrates unwavering friendship and loyalty.

Overall, Rogers and Bowen make the ultimate team. It is clear from this record that the two love working together, creating music that can only be described as fun and upbeat country music. Fans across the genre will like this one!

To keep up with Randy Rogers follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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NYCS Picks:

  1. “Rhinestoned”
  2. “Hold My Beer”
  3. “Habits”
  4. “This Ain’t My Town”

HOLD MY BEER, VOL 2. Tracklist:

  1. “AM/FM”
  2. “Rodeo Clown”
  3. “Habits”
  4. “Let Merle Be Merle”
  5. “Rhinestoned”
  6. “Ode To Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s Song)”
  7. “Mi Amigo”
  8. “This Ain’t My Town”
  9. “Warm Beer”
  10. “Speak to Me Jukebox”
  11. “Her”
  12. “Hold My Beer”

HOLD MY BEER, VOL 2. is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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