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Tyler Rich Two Thousand Miles

It was 2014 when country newcomer, Tyler Rich released his debut single, “Radio.” Six years later, the California native finally has his first full-length album out. The title, Two Thousand Miles signifies the distance from Los Angeles to Nashville and the journey of Rich’s career as a singer-songwriter. The album contains the five tracks from his 2018 self-titled EP, his three previously released singles, “Leave Her Wild,”Rather Be Us,” and “Feels Like Home,” and three brand new songs. Rich had a hand in writing all but three songs on the record.

“Between Sabina (his wife), my record deal, and the road, my life has been a constant four-year back-and-forth between both places,” the Yuba City-born artist said. “Almost every song that came into this project was inspired by that crazy grind and making that relationship work. It was clearly the obvious title for the first official chapter of my career.”

His most recent release, the Irish folk-sounding bar anthem, “Feels Like Home,” begins the album. Rich sings about the comfort of being around friendly strangers who are all in the same boat as him. The bar is a safe place where everyone can get along and leave behind all their worries. Rich included home-videos from fans in the new music video. Watch below:

Rich’s biggest song to date, “The Difference,” peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country charts and serves as the third track on the album. “The Difference” is a catchy, well written song by Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson, and Jacob Durrett, that emphasizes the little things that make up serious and casual relationships. For example, there is a difference between asking her ‘what’s going on?’ and ‘how’s your day?’ and Rich sings that he wants to be the difference on the serious side of things. “11:11” follows as another song that contains clever lyrics. Written by Andrew Dorff, Jon Nite, and Lindsay Rimes, “11:11” is based on the theory that when someone spots this specific time on a digital clock and makes a wish, it will come true, so the singer uses this as his last hope to get his former lover back in his arms.

Both “Leave Her Wild” and “Rather Be Us” were released in 2019, the latter of which reminds those in relationships to not compare themselves to other couples, especially the ones on Instagram going on vacation every other week. Social media does not always reflect what things are actually like, and you don’t need to be flashy to be in a healthy relationship. “Leave Her Wild” is another folk-sounding, heavy string production song about a free-spirited girl. Written by Rich, Chris DeStefano, and Jon Nite, the singer says if you are lucky enough to find a girl like that, do not try and change her; love and leave her wild. Trying to tame someone will only hurt her and the relationship in the long-term.

The first new song, “Still Love You,” explains the complications between loving and liking someone, and how you can feel the first without the last. Rich sings of a girl who mistreated him and ended up breaking his heart. He hates her for it but cannot understand why he is still in love and wants her back. The next new track, “Here With You,” has a similar theme to Morgan Wallen’s “Chasing You.” Even though the protagonist in the story is physically with someone else, he is still with his ex, emotionally. The last new song, “Real Love,” was written shortly after Rich got engaged. It describes all the hardships one must go through before stumbling upon the man/woman who is right for you.

The album ends with the last three tracks from his 2018 EP, “Take It Or Leave It,” “Adrenaline,” and his country twist of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” This chart-topping, pop hit has been a staple in Rich’s live sets and he stated in a recent press release that it was always the song that would get him the most tips when he played in casino lounges.

Two Thousand Miles is the perfect name for the album because it covers a lot of ground as a whole. Lyrically, Rich expresses themes that are true to himself, but leaves room for others to relate, as well. Musically, he uses his influence from classic and pop country, folk, indie, and alternative rock to create a sound unique to him. It was long journey for Rich to get where he is today, but we hope this is only just the beginning from the young and talented performer.  

Two Thousand Miles Track List
1. “Feels Like Home” | Written by Tyler Rich, Andrew DeRoberts, Jon Nite
2. “Still Love You” | Written by Tyler Rich, Andy Albert, Lindsay Rimes
3. “The Difference” | Written by Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett
4. “11:11” | Written by Andrew Dorff, Jon Nite, Lindsay Rimes
5. “Here With You” | Written by Tyler Rich, Josh Hoge, Matt McVaney
6. “Leave Her Wild” | Written by Tyler Rich, Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite
7. “Real Love” | Written by Tyler Rich, Andy Albert, Lindsay Rimes
8. “Rather Be Us” | Written by Tyler Rich, Lindsay Rimes, Brad Tursi
9. “Take It Or Leave It” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis
10. “Adrenaline” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jordan Baum, Johan Lindbrandt, Michael McNamara
11. “Billie Jean” | Written by Michael Jackson

NYCS Picks

  1. Here With You
  2. Still Love You
  3. Leave Her Wild

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