NYCS First Impression: Tyler Rich Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Tyler Rich Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Tyler Rich Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

The Valory Music Co. recording artist Tyler Rich has released his highly anticipated self-titled debut EP, available everywhere today. The project features four tracks including his breakout single “The Difference” and advance single “11:11”.

“I’m beyond ecstatic to finally get my debut EP out to the world after all of the time we spent writing and creating!” shared Rich in a recent press release. “I believe these first few songs really show who I am as an artist and what fans can expect out on the road.”

The rising star took to Instagram Live just after midnight on Thursday evening, to chat about the new music. To celebrate, Rich said he was drinking pumpkin beer and gearing up to watch American Horror Story with a few buddies nearby and a man’s best friend by his side, his dog Abby. Rich answered questions from fans on Instagram before grabbing his guitar and singing a few clips of each song.

The leading single from the EP and SiriusXM The Highway No.1 hit “The Difference”, was released earlier this year and is currently sitting at #35 on Billboard Country Airplay. The catchy song marks Rich’s introduction to country music fans and country radio. While Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson and Jacob Durrett penned the track, Rich was immediately connected to it’s lyrics and beach-like, California vibe. After learning that fellow Cali-native, Devin Dawson was a co-writer on the track, Rich knew that the song was meant to be for him.

“Despite what some may say, people are always looking for that one person who is going to change their life. They are looking for a person that’s going to be the difference and I felt like it was a song people needed to hear,” Rich explains in an exclusive live interview with NYCountry Swag seen in the video above.

As “The Difference” continued to climb the charts, Rich released the second single from the EP, “11:11” back in June, giving fans another taste of what’s to come. “11:11” marks one of the last songs that the famed songwriter Andrew Dorff co-wrote [along with Jon Nite and Lindsay Rimes] before he passed away suddenly in 2016.

“11:11” puts a twist on the common idea that people make a wish when the clock hits those mirrored double digits. For someone going through a break-up, that time could be a painful reminder of the person they wished they still had. The lyrics are honest and vulnerable, making it a relatable post-breakup song.

It’s 11:11 and I can’t help make a wish / I wish you wouldn’t have left, no, not the way that you did / 
Why the hell did I say things that I didn’t mean / Why didn’t I say you were everything, everything

With the release of the EP, comes two brand new songs, “Adrenaline” and “Take It Or Leave It”. Both of which, Rich co-wrote. “Take It Or Leave It” tells the story of giving the other person the reigns in deciding whether to pursue the next steps towards a relationship.

Girl, there’s no pressure, it’s just whatever you want / I’ll be right here waitin’ / 
With my mind racin’ / Either way, babe, it’s your call

“Adrenaline” is about finally getting over a lost love, when the right person comes along. The lyrics flow into each other navigating the feelings of a new love interest giving you that extra rush adrenaline-like feeling.

Your kiss is makin’ me feel again / Those lips are stronger than medicine
I’m fallin’, I’m all in / You brought me back to life / More alive than I’ve ever been

Overall, the EP is one that country fans can easily keep on repeat. Rich’s charismatic personality in his live shows and distinctive vocals make him a promising act to follow. No official announcement has been made regarding a full-length album, but Rich has teased at the idea that fans might see something in early Spring 2019.

Rich makes his Opry debut next week before joining fellow Californian, Brett Young on the road for his headlining “CMT On Tour: Here Tonight” Tour. The show stops in NYC this December making it one of the hottest tickets for New York country music fans this winter. For more dates and ticket information, visit

1. “The Difference” | Written by Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett
2. “Adrenaline” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jordan Baum, Johan Lindbrandt, Michael McNamara
3. “11:11” | Written by Andrew Dorff, Jon Nite, Lindsay Rimes
4.“Take It Or Leave It” | Written by Tyler Rich, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis




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