NYCS First Impression: Twinnie “Social Babies”


Girl power within country music is in full force in 2019 and is not going anywhere in the near future. Seeing women in a predominantly male-based genre creates a great balance in country music, and country star Twinnie Lee Moore is a prime example of women taking over. Twinnie is an England television actress turned to a blend of country-pop perfection which can be heard through her March EP, Better When I’m Drunk. She definitely is one to watch this upcoming year with her latest release, “Social Babies.”

“Better When I’m Drunk” is the title of this EP, the first track on this release, and is a happy hour breakup song that it could make anybody want to dance and sing-along. The catchy pop styled lines such as, “Just when I think I’ve had enough/Then that bartender lines them up” and “I like you better when I’m drunk/ Better intoxicated” combined with the country style instrumentals really instills a party feel. In contrary to “Better When I’m Drunk” and its happy hour upbeat vibe Twinnie gives fans a ballad to show a different side of her artistry. Combined with its lyrics regarding relationship issues and her beautiful vocals it truly can take one’s breath away. “Superhero” depicts a struggling relationship in which not even a personified superhero could help fix. Twinnie then continues this illustration of such a relationship when she sings, “I thought I was unstoppable but you paralyzed me.” The way she uses physicality (much like the strength a superhero would have) to show how this other party in the relationship treated her sends a strong message to her audience and makes for an emotional ballad. The last song on Twinnie’s EP called “Type of Girl” strengthens her girl power persona even more! It gives a peek into her as a person in an upbeat optimistic way.

In addition to a 2019 EP Twinnie recently released her new single “Social Babies.” While this song has a catchy chorus and makes listeners want to singalong it expresses the struggles of social platforms nowadays. Twinnie sings “Remember back then when we were young/ Everything was simple and games were fun.” to show that before the perfect Instagram picture or status update was necessary to everyday life their lives were much easier. She also includes lyrics that illustrate how society views people and the need to look perfect for social platforms at all times when she sings about her aviators in the chorus. The concept of “Social Babies” is such a great idea to produce into a song especially because the entertainment industry is heavily influenced by social media.

While England may seem far away for some American country fans Twinnie Lee Moore is not going anywhere when it comes to country music. Her fresh voice, pop beats, and country instrumentals really define her as an artist and help blend her into a phenomenal musician.

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