10 Of The Best Country Music Girl Power Anthems

Girl Power Anthem

Country music is known for a lot of things: relatable lyrics, rich storytelling, and incredible artists. Among many of these artists that have helped the genre to thrive and reach new listeners, young and old, are a variety of powerhouse women. Whether they’re singing about love and heartbreak or killing comparison and chasing their dreams, we’re always ready to listen. Here are 10 of our favorite girl power anthems that have been released in the last few years:

“GIRL” – Maren Morris

The title track of Morris’ sophomore album is emotional yet upbeat. She reminds women everywhere that it’s natural to feel insecure, but at the same time, that they don’t have to fall prey to their insecurities and tear other women down in the process. “There’s enough to go around,” she sings.


“Miss Me More” – Kelsea Ballerini

What’s sassier than telling your ex-boyfriend that you don’t miss him at all? That you miss your old self more. But Ballerini isn’t just sassy on this post-breakup tune, she’s also confident, mature, and determined to move forward. As she sings, she’s “found [her] independence” and she’s never sacrificing it again.


“Cry Pretty” – Carrie Underwood

Carrie grabs her listener’s ear and heart on this confessional track from her sixth studio album of the same name. Pain is never pretty, but it’s an inevitable part of life and Carrie delivers vocals that hit just when they need to. One of her most relatable tracks for sure.


Country singer and ‘Travelers’ actress MacKenzie Porter shuts down flaky guys who just don’t want to commit in this playful bop full of clever one-liners. “I’m sorry, we’re closed. Come again never,” she says in a spoken vocal right before the final chorus.


“Wasting All These Tears” – Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope mourns the end of lost love, though not for long on this song from her first album, Frame by Frame. With a chorus that feels larger than life, the singer-songwriter is in control of both her vocals and her narrative. Her ex isn’t worth another tear.


“No Saint” – Lauren Jenkins

Country newcomer, Lauren Jenkins combines raw storytelling with a palpable rasp and shares her struggle with forgiving an ex-lover on “No Saint.” Admitting one’s flaws is never easy, but she embraces them, singing, “I don’t want to hate you/Heaven says I need to forgive you/But I ain’t no saint.” Check out a live performance of this one during our Swag Session with Lauren Jenkins. 


“A Little Bit Stronger” – Sara Evans

When a woman gets her heart broken, she can do one of two things: let it destroy her or let it make her stronger. Sara Evans chooses the latter and produces one of the most optimistic post-breakup tracks to date.


“Fly” – Maddie & Tae

Chasing one’s dreams is always scary, but Maddie & Tae refuse to be ruled by fear on “Fly” as the duo harmonize perfectly on this track from their first album, Start Here.


“Girl Goin’ Nowhere” – Ashley McBryde

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ll always be met with critics of some sort. Ashley McBryde discredits hers on “Girl Goin’ Nowhere.” She’s living her dream in spite of their cynicism and letting them know all about it.


“I’ve Done Love” – Jana Kramer

For Jana Kramer, love is stronger than a drug-induced high on this tune about the often tumultuous nature of relationships. “It ain’t a thrill inside a pill that makes a junkie out of me,” she sings.

For more of our favorite Female Empowerment, Girl Power Anthems check out our Spotify playlist below.


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