Twinnie: ‘Welcome To The Club’ – EP Review

Twinnie’s brand new EP, Welcome To The Club, is out now, June 3rd on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Pop-country singer-songwriter, Twinnie is officially releasing her newest EP. Welcome To The Club is a project for music lovers everywhere. The inclusive and inspiring 4-song record is one we can all enjoy again and again.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Welcome To The Club.” The accompanying music video only adds to the already delicious vibe of the new song. The world truly needs more songs like this!

“Jump up on the floor // Don’t you wanna dance // Roll with the beat // Yeah, raise up your hands // We’re all human // Just doing, doing what we’re doing // Some days are down and some days are up // We all need a little love // So welcome to the club”

The title track is the perfect personification of the EP as a whole. According to Twinnie in a press release, “This EP is a call to action to be your authentic self. It’s a narrative on finding yourself and realizing that your power is in being unashamedly you.” She later added, “I wanted to write a collection of songs that highlight mental health issues whilst also celebrating everyone’s differences, and I hope I’ve achieved that with this record. Welcome to the Club encourages everyone to break free from what holds them back.”

The EP continues with “One Heart. The song is a heartfelt, pensive break-up song. Twinnie takes listeners on a journey through the lessons learned from a break-up with someone she seemingly loved. “One Heart” is a uniquely mesmerizing track.

“Something or Somebody” is the newest song off the project and third on the tracklist. All about the human vices we all experience, Twinnie showcases the sassy side of her personality on this incredible track.

The record culminates with “Dying Inside.” Written by Twinnie with Jamie Kennedy, the song screams vulnerability. The song is all about the heartache one experiences after a break-up. The unique track is relatable for anyone, who has ever experienced heartbreak.

Overall, Welcome To The Club EP feels like coming home. Twinnie created a project that we all see a piece of ourselves in. Kudos to her for the inclusive and inspiring record!

Welcome To The Club Tracklist:

  1. “Welcome To The Club” (Twinnie, Phil Barton, Lindsay Rimes)
  2. “One Heart” (Twinnie, Alex Stacey, Rupert Blackman, Laura Welsh, Peter Rycroft, Ben Johnson)
  3. “Something or Somebody” (Twinnie, Emily Landis, Eric Arjes)
  4. “Dying Inside” (Twinnie, Jamie Kennedy)

Twinnie’s new EP ‘Welcome To The Club’ is out now.

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