NYCS First Impression: Chase Rice ‘The Album Part II’

Chase Rice The Album Part 2


Country singer-songwriter, Chase Rice, released The Album Part II today (May 15th), the follow-up to The Album Part I, which came out in January. Part II contains four tracks, three of which Rice co-wrote with his friends Jon Nite, Chris DeStefano, and other talented Nashville songwriters.

This four-track record begins with “You” (Rice, Nite, Zach Kale), a love song about how the protagonist believed they had everything they wanted until they met this other person who completely changed their outlook on life. An uncredited female singer provides background vocals in the chorus. Rice gives a shout-out to New York City with the line You don’t know how bad that you’ve got me, no no / It’s true, without you / It’s Times Square with no lights at midnight.”

Rice, who is very active on Instagram, has teased a few songs off this album including this next one, “Break. Up. Drunk.” Rice posted a video on March 25th showing him and his producer (DeStefano) finalizing the track. It’s about a relationship in which the two parties like each other, but deep down they know it’s not going to go anywhere. So instead of being sad about it, they take advantage of their last night together by splitting a bottle of whiskey and getting into bed together.

It’s gonna hurt like hell and I don’t wanna feel too much / If we’re gonna break up let’s break up drunk”

There are not many songs Rice records that he doesn’t co-write, but this song was too special to pass on. “I’d say, it’s probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever put out,” he says of the next track “Down Home Runs Deep.” “It takes me back to high school. I grew up in a small little town in the mountains of North Carolina, and it was just me and my buddies. We thought we ran that town and, in some ways, I guess we kind of did.” This song was written by Daniel Ross, Mike Walker, James McNair, and one of our favorite rising, country stars, HARDY. Listeners can tell it’s a HARDY song within the first few lines as he describes his hometown with very specific characteristics and catchy phrases. Smelled the sweet of them pines / And it’s honeysuckle, belt buckle paradise,” he sings in the first verse.

Rice said the final song, “Belong,” wasn’t originally slated for this album, but he felt that it could be used as a comfort to people during these trying times. This is definitely the most meaningful song he has ever released. He discusses how fear, hardships, and uncertainty are all a part of life, and there are positives to be gained in any negative situation. For example, he tells the story of a kid who sold his Jordans for his mother’s treatments, and that helps him realize there’s still love in the world. He also mentions how he feels lost in his cell phone at times, but that phone allows him to remember lyrics and melodies that pay his bills. “The moral of the story is we’re right where we belong,” Rice assures. “Don’t panic. We’re gonna get out of this and the thing is, we’re gonna do it together.”

Rice is also contributing to COVID-19 relief. The “Lonely If You Are” singer announced on his Instagram page last week that he is now on Cameo, a website where users pay celebrities to give personalized shout-outs to their friends and family. He joked that he would use the extra cash for beer money, but actually, he is donating 100% of the profits made from the site to his band and crew.

Rice is scheduled to open up select dates for Rascal Flatts on their Life is a Highway Tour. Although we are uncertain if we will see any concerts this summer, we are certain that these are not the final tracks on The Album; there will be a part III that fans can expect later this year. Rice has grown a lot as an artist over the years and we are excited to see what he has in store for us.

NYCS Picks:

  1. “Belong”
  2. “Down Home Runs Deep”

Track List:

You (Chase Rice, Jon Nite, Zach Kale)

Break. Up. Drunk. (Rice, Jordan Schmidt, Hunter Phelps)

Down Home Runs Deep (Daniel Ross, Michael Hardy, Mike Walker, James McNair)

Belong (Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, Nite)

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