NYCS First Impression: Chase Rice ‘Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe)’

Chase Rice Lambs & Lions World Wide Deluxe

A little over two years after the release of his third studio album, Lambs & Lions, singer-songwriter Chase Rice is celebrating the success of the record with a deluxe version. The platinum-selling singer has garnered international support and success, selling out shows and tours both overseas and in the United States. Rice’s remastered album, Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) is available now, featuring two brand new songs and new versions of his hits “Eyes on You” and “On Tonight.”

The deluxe album has a total of fourteen tracks, including the ten original songs, such as Top 20 lead single, “Three Chords & The Truth,” as well as, remastered versions of “Eyes on You” and “On Tonight.” Each remastered and new track add to the singer’s already impressive collection of songs.

Rice’s ‘UK Edition’ of “On Tonight” is the first reimagined track added to the record. The singer was so blown away by his fanbase in the United Kingdom that he decided to create a special UK version of the song, sharing in a press release, “We spent the end of 2018 in London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham- and they sang every word to our album cuts, especially ‘On Tonight’ off Lambs and Lions. That reaction is what inspired us to create a special U.K. version of the song, and then we asked ourselves ‘why stop there.?’” This marked the start of his deluxe project. The U.K. version of “On Tonight,” features a softer sound and a more stripped-down vocal, but still has the same appeal as the original fan-favorite track.

Continuing to find inspiration from his time and fanbase in Europe, one of Rice’s new songs is entitled “25 Wexford St,” named after the address of a pub in Ireland. The track begins with an EDM-like beat drop that immediately gets your attention. Rice’s vocals are undeniably true to him; however, the song is a slight departure from his typical sound, channeling some English/Irish influences, such as pop superstar Ed Sheeran. The clever love song tells the story about meeting a girl in an Irish bar, “dancing streets to sheets,” and what “a beautiful blur” it was. The song, co-written by the singer with Chris DeStefano and Jim Beavers, definitely has radio potential.

Arguably one of Rice’s biggest hits to date, “Eyes on You” was also reimagined. The ballad was recorded acoustically for the deluxe version of Lambs & Lions. The singer changed up the lyrics to the track to commemorate his time in the U.K. In the opening verse, Rice changes the lyrics to “Drivin’ up and down the coast a few times / London, Paris, Paradise.” The heartfelt lyrics are just as impressive in the acoustic version.

Finally, the newest addition to the record is “Love Me Like You Don’t,” penned by Greg Bates, Shelley Skidmore, and Michael White.” The song fits Rice’s striking vocals effortlessly and easily seems like a story he has lived. The lyrics paint the picture of a girl choosing to love a guy; despite, his flaws. It is heartfelt, relatable, and catchy. The song will appeal to fans of the singer’s “Three Chords & The Truth.” “You knew the ride I was on / But you love me like you don’t / You don’t worry about the things I’ve done / Where I’ve been or who I was / You only see the guy I’m trying to be / You know you could have had anyone else / Made it easier on yourself / You know my crazy episode / But you love me like you don’t.”

Overall, Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) is a solid compilation of songs that show Rice’s range and development as an artist and a songwriter. It’s clear he appreciates his fans’ support. The album is available across all platforms.

Next up, Rice will continue to play in shows in the U.K., including The O2 festival with fellow country artists, Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge, and Cam, as well as, SE Hydro in Glasgow, later this month. Rice returns to the states on March 14th, playing his first show in Seattle, Washington with newcomer, Cale Dodds. For more information and tour dates head to



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