Niko Moon: ‘Good Time’ – Album Review

Niko Moon’s debut album, Good Time is available everywhere today, August 27th. This 14-track project perfectly portrays the positive vibes and ‘glass half full’ perspective that Moon aims to bring to his music and to his fans.  Check out the full review below.

We here at Country Swag have been fans of Niko Moon since he first hit the country music scene. We got to know the talented singer-songwriter back in 2019 with our Swag Spotlight Interview. At the time, Moon had just begun exploring the performing side of his artistry as previously Moon had success solely as a songwriter. At that point, he had already had four number one hits with Zac Brown Band (“Loving You Easy”, “Homegrown”, “Beautiful Drug” and “Keep Me in Mind”) and one with Rascal Flatts (“Back to Life”), but had yet to release the now several songs that we know and love by him, as a recording artist.

Later in 2020, Moon joined us in New York City for a Live Swag Session, where he played some songs for us and sat down for an interview. Check it out in the video below.

With the release of his full-length project, Moon includes previously released tracks that have become fan-favorites and remain standouts on the album. Moon’s very first number one song as a recording artist, “Good Time” serves as the title track of the album and joins his most recent release “Small Town State of Mind” along with “No Sad Songs”, “Paradise to Me”“Dance With Me”, “Drunk Over You”, “Way Back” and “Good At Loving You”.

The project adds six additional songs from the artist, including a cover of Travis Tritt’s “It’s A Great Day to be Alive”, a song that perfectly encapsulates Moon’s entire perspective on life and the vibe he brings to his music, and thus is the perfect song to close out his debut album.

Moon’s love for his wife, Anna, who is both a writing partner and a pop artist herself, is woven through the entire project. Songs like “Good At Loving You”, “Dance With Me” and “Last Call” each show this in their own way.

“Yeah I spill more than most people drink // Wake up and don’t remember a thing // The band is playing their last song // While all the lights are coming on // Yeah if lovers are like alcohol, girl you’re my last call”

“Let it Ride” is a chill, go-with-the-flow song much like “Good Time” and “Paradise to Me” but with greater meaning.

“Let it ride, let it roll, feels good just to let it go // No I ain’t got time to think about the things I can’t control // Let it in, let it out, ain’t a thing that I’m worried about // Just gonna sit right here and watch the sun go down “

“Without Saying A Word” is a song for his dad, and is a more emotional and authentic song than what we are used to hearing from Moon. It is about all the lessons that his dad taught him, without saying a word.

“Best believe that I’m still reaching // For that silent bar he set // And I won’t give up, trying to live up // to the things he never said”

Moon is currently on the What A Song Can Do Tour with Lady A, which kicked off this summer and runs through early Fall. For tour dates and tickets, click here.

Good Things Tracklist

  1. No Sad Songs
  2. Way Back
  3. Paradise to Me
  4. Last Call
  5. Dance with Me
  6. Good Time
  7. Let it Ride
  8. She Ain’t You
  9. Small Town State of Mind
  10. Good At Loving You
  11. Without Saying A Word
  12. Drunk Over You
  13. Diamond
  14. It’s A Great Day to Be Alive

Niko Moon’s debut album ‘Good Time,’ is available now

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