Niko Moon “No Sad Songs” Is the Perfect Feel-Good Tune

Niko Moon’s new track, “No Sad Songs” is available now, February 19th, on all streaming platforms. Written about music and not wanting to hear any sad songs while you’re busy having a night to remember, take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the track.

Following the release of his “Good Time” remix with Shaggy last month, 2021 NYCountry Swag Artist to Watch, Niko Moon just dropped a brand new track, “No Sad Songs”.

The new tune has a classic Niko Moon vibe and is another great addition to your feel-good playlist that’s probably already loaded with other Moon songs like “Good Time”, “Paradise to Me” or “Dance with Me”. “No Sad Songs” was written by Moon himself, his wife Anna, as well as Joshua Murty, Steven Lee Olsen, and Alysa Vanderheym.

“No Sad Songs” is all about a good night out of dancing and drinking, and wanting to hear all the feel-good sing-alongs that will keep the night going on forever. We’re talking “Wagon Wheel”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Chicken Fried”, “Sweet Caroline”, and Moon makes sure to add “Good Time” to the mix, which just so happened to go Platinum this week! This song is everything you want after a long hard week: just to kick back and relax, have a fun night out with friends, and listen to everything but sad songs. 

“I don’t wanna hear no sad songs / I just wanna have some fun tonight / Dancing all the way till last call / Drink in my hand got me feelin’ right / It’s been a long week / A gone wrong week / So keep that GOOD TIME spinnin’ on repeat, yeah / I don’t wanna hear no sad songs / I don’t wanna hear no sad songs”

Niko Moon’s new song “No Sad Songs” is available everywhere now, February 19th

Niko Moon’s new song “No Sad Songs” is available everywhere now, February 19th

Before the pandemic hit, Moon was on the Platonic Tour with Ryan Hurd, which did a two-night run in NYC in what ended up being the last few shows of the tour. Since then, Moon has taken to social media in order to stay connected with fans, much of which he does through two weekly Live shows. “Stir Crazy” is a cooking show he does every Friday night on Instagram and Facebook Live with his wife, Anna Moon. The other is the Live Home Concerts he plays every Monday night. After almost a year of these weekly occurrences, Moon has been able to stay very connected with fans in a very consistent way and fans have been able to hear a ton of music from the singer-songwriter and learn more and more about him each week.

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“No Sad Songs”  is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.