Boy Named Banjo: Circles – EP Review

Boy Named Banjo release their newest EP titled Circles, out today, August 27th on all streaming platforms.  Check out our full review and listen to the new music below.

Making their major-label debut, Boy Named Banjo is a country music band that you are going to want to remember. The bluegrass-inspired act are unique, innovative, and their music feels just like home. Today, Boy Named Banjo release their brand new EP Circles.

Kicking off the project with “Only You Know,” Boy Named Banjo show off their Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons vibes. The opening track is fun, quirky, and catchy. It depicts the story of only one person knowing all your secrets and idiosyncrasies, but it still does not work out.

The band slows it down a bit with “Feel For You.” The previously released song is a beautiful love song. Reminiscent of the romance from The Cadillac Three’s song “White Lightning,” the song is exquisite. Boy Named Banjo showcase their ability to weave together lyrics and craft a song that everyone will want to fall in love to.

“No words are right I can’t describe the sun tracing your outline // And just a touch that’s enough to burn me down and get me high // Yeah, you hit me like a heart attack // Like a lightning crack // Every time you leave you got me being come back”

“Too Close” leans into the more modern-country side of the band’s talent. The wordplay with the phrase “too close” is crafted in such a way that only Boy Named Banjo could do. The song will make you believe in the power of love. Similarly, the title track “Circles” will make you feel and features clever wordplay. However, in this song, the singers share how it feels to get lost in the wake of a breakup.

“Am I ever gonna get out // Am I ever gonna get out? // Here I go // I’m standing right outside your door // Say I won’t // I probably will a thousand more // Here I go // I’m standing right outside your door”

Next up, “Where The Night Goes” features almost bluegrass mixed with slight electronic vibes. The love song is simple, yet special. On “Keep Lying To Me,” Boy Named Banjo explains how it feels to experience unrequited love. With lyrics like “chasing down a moon rock” and I’m just a stepping stone to get you where you want to go,” the band reflects on not wanting to let go.

Finally, the record ends with one of our favorite songs off the project, “Go Out Dancing.” Although it is unclear if the singers wrote the song in the wake of the pandemic, it feels extremely pertinent. With a society that is so unclear and many natural disasters happening, “Go Out Dancing” is the simple song we all needed. The opening lyric “we woke up to a world on fire,” is the perfect way to start the song. Poetic and emotive, the love song is definitely a standout.

Overall, Boy Named Banjo delivers a record that is unlike anything else out there right now. The men are both talented and innovative. With a clear passion for music and multiple genres, Boy Named Banjo, and their EP Circles, is the pinnacle of artistry.

Circles EP Tracklist:

  1. Only You Know (Barton Davies, Jon Sherwood, William Reames) 
  2. Feel For You (Barton Davies, William Reames, Michael Whitworth, Dan Fernandez)
  3. Too Close (Barton Davies, William Reames, Tim Bruns, Jon Sherwood)
  4. Circles (William Reames, Oscar Charles, Jon Sherwood)
  5. Where The Night Goes (Barton Davies, William Reames, Benjamin Simonetti, Jon Sherwood) 
  6. Keep Lying To Me (Barton Davies, William Reames, Benjamin Simonetti, Jon Sherwood)
  7. Go Out Dancing (Barton Davies, William Reames, Oscar Charles, Jon Sherwood)

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