Morgan Wallen & Luke Combs Tease Unreleased Music

2024 is off to a good start with both Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs teasing unreleased music on their perspective social media platforms. Learn more here.

Cover Photo Credit: Luke Combs (David Bergman / Morgan Wallen (Matthew Paskert)

One of the best things about social media is the relationship fans get to have with their favorite artists. Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs are two artists that are both absolute superstars and country mainstay artists in their own rights. While we have not yet gotten the collaboration we are all hoping for, both Wallen and Combs teased unreleased music this past week.

A few days ago, Wallen took to Instagram to tease an unreleased song called, “I Guess.” The song gives life to the feeling many of us feel, when we are spinning our wheels in relationships. “I Guess” has old-school Wallen vibes, something fans have been asking for. The unreleased tune is moody, gritty, and honest.

“I guess I’m the problem // And you’re Miss Never Do No Wrong // If I’m so awful // Then why’d you stick around this long? // And if it’s the whiskey // Then why you keep on pulling it off the shelf? // You hate that when you look at me you halfway see yourself // It got me thinking // If I’m the problem // You might be the reason”

On other hand, Combs expresses and shows off his “dad side” on his unreleased song called, “The Man He Sees In Me,” something both him and Wallen can both relate to. Written by Combs with Josh Phillips, the unreleased song is a sweet sentiment about the relationship between father and son. No matter what Combs sings, every song seems perfect for his voice.

He thinks he’s learning fishing // From the man that taught Bill Dance // And I think as I untangle it and put it in his hands // I hope he never finds out that I didn’t hang the moon // And I’ve never scared a monster out the closet in his room // Someday between him leaving home and driving on my knee // Maybe I’ll finally be, the man he sees in me”

While neither “I Guess” by Morgan Wallen or “The Man He Sees In Me” by Luke Combs have release dates just yet, we anticipate that the songs will make their way on the singers’ next albums. Stay tuned!

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