NYCS First Impression: Mitchell Tenpenny ‘Telling All My Secrets’

Mitchell Tenpenny Telling All My Secrets

Back on December 1st, 2017 New York Country Swag hosted a Swag Session with a singer-songwriter, Mitchell Tenpenny.  Since then, New York City fans have sold out the venue where he played in August 2018 and have anticipated this record along with the rest of the country.  The Nashville native started like most country singers, honing his voice in the choir at church but then turned to hard-core rock music as he was the lead singer or “screamer” in his high school band. Eventually, his songwriting skills led him to try out a different genre, the one where he is now gearing up for the release of his album, Telling All My Secrets.

Telling All My Secrets, available everywhere today is a culmination of years of Tenpenny writing and preparing for his first major-label release. All 12 tracks were co-written by the rising country artist, and tell his unique story to country music fans. Previously releasing a self-titled EP back in February, followers of Tenpenny are already familiar with four of the songs that made the cut for the full-length project, including “Truck I Drove in High School”, “Alcohol You Later”, the wildly popular, “Bitches” and his debut single to country radio “Drunk Me” which has just hit the number one spot on the charts.

Tenpenny fills out the rest of the project with tracks that are relatable while his incredible, unique vocal ability set him apart from the other acts popular in the genre right now.  Telling All My Secrets has break-up songs like the mid-tempo “Somebody Ain’t You” which focuses on not being able to forget your ex and move on or “I Get The Picture” tells the story of seeing your ex with someone new, an occurrence that is all too common thanks to social media.  Referencing in the lyrics “It’s like you wanted me to really feel that heartbreak / Like you knew I’d see the writing on your wall” which could easily mean a Facebook wall and “And if a picture is worth a thousand words baby, you just said it all / It’s like you want the whole wide world to see you’re happy / Like you need to prove to me that you’ve moved on / and while I’m burning every real one that you left me, this one won’t get gone” hinting at a digital photo on Instagram.

The rising star shines, however, on the tracks that admit vulnerability when in a relationship. “Somebody’s Got Me” and “Telling All My Secrets” highlight his songwriting abilities while letting go of stereotypes that men often face. The former has touching lines like “Making sure she feels safe in arms / fighting for the flame when your feeling that spark” while the latter encompasses Tenpenny’s urge to let the world in on his inner workings, a soulful songwriter not afraid to expose his true feelings to a soulful vibe.

Tenpenny’s delivery throughout the album is impeccable, whether singing about his heart breaking or confessing he is completely smitten, you believe every emotion is genuine.

Telling All My Secrets is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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