Mitchell Tenpenny & Seaforth Close out 2019 with Sold Out NYC Show

Mitchell Tenpenny New York City

Mitchell Tenpenny & Team at Webster Hall, NYC


Last night, New Yorkers filled up the room at Webster Hall in New York City for the final show on the rising artist, Mitchell Tenpenny’s ‘Anything She Says Tour’ featuring exciting new duo, Seaforth. The sold-out show was the perfect way to cap off an awesome season of country music concerts, as we head into the new year.

Check out our interview with Seaforth just before the show in the video above


One of our 2019 Artists to Watch, Seaforth were tasked with warming up the crowd. They exploded on to the stage, singing songs off their debut EP, including “Talk to Me,” “Good and Gone,” and “Taken Your Picture.” They even included an incredible cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” which showed off their vocal range, as well as, some unreleased tunes like “Colorblind.” In between songs, the duo entertained the audience with their humor, wit, and infectious personalities.

“We love Mitchell man. This is the first-ever U.S. tour that we’ve ever been on. We’ve become friends with Mitchell. Thank you guys for being here early,” the duo shared, just before joking, “Can you make some noise if you have no idea who we are?! We’re called Seaforth!” Of course, they went on to end their thirty-minute set with a crowd-pleasing sing-along to their debut single “Love That,” making sure to convert each and every person in that room a fan if they weren’t already!

Just before performing for his sold-out audience, Mitchell Tenpenny joined
NYCountry Swag for a special performance + interview. Check it out and the video above.


After a brief intermission, headliner, Mitchell Tenpenny took the stage, accompanied by his band, which includes his younger brother, Rafe. The show was definitely a departure from our 2017 Swag Session, where Times Square was the backdrop to his performance! Kicking things off right away, the singer immediately performed two catchy songs off his debut record, “Somebody Ain’t You” and “Goner.”

“This is so fucking awesome. Thank you for being here with us. This means the world. It’s our last night of the tour of this year. Thank you for selling this place out. This is so cool man, for real, this is really my dream, thanks to you guys. I’m so, so grateful for that,” Tenpenny expressed just before singing his old-school song, the clever “Mixed Drinks” followed by “Truck I Drove In High School.” Fans showed their appreciation for his talent by singing the lyrics back to him.

Tenpenny continued to keep fans on their toes, performing a mix of more songs off Telling All My Secrets like “I Get the Picture” and “Somebody’s Got Me” and unreleased songs that are slated to come out in 2020. He performed both “Can’t Go to Church Anymore” and a song he wrote with one of our favorites, HARDY called “To Us It Did.” According to the entertainer, the former is about “Growing up in a small town, where everyone goes to the same church. If you break up with someone, what’s the first thing you want to do?! You want to avoid seeing them at all costs. You go to the same church, well guys, where are you going to see them?!” Clearly, the song resonated with fans, who cheered when it ended.

Although the set was filled with highlights, there were two standout moments that were starkly different from one another. The first came when Tenpenny brought Seaforth back to the stage to sing their brand new single to country radio and tour namesake, “Anything She Says”. The performance was not only entertaining but hysterical, as the men through blow-up Judy dolls into the audience as they sang. “Anything She Says” is clearly a hit in the making!

NYCountry Swag’s Stephanie Wagner & Christina Bosch with Mitchell Tenpenny

The other standout was one of the most heartfelt moments of the night. The singer vulnerably shared his own life experiences with the audience. “We lost our daddy to cancer. That’s why I wrote this song. Cause our daddy never turned us away from any of the dreams we ever had. He let us pursue this crazy thing called music and y’all have given it a reality,” he explained, “I know my daddy’s watching down on us thanks to you guys, so thank you so much. I just want to dedicate this to anyone who’s lost anybody; I don’t care if it’s a family member, a friend, or someone you barely know. It affects everyone differently. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve.” Tenpenny went on to sing the poignant “Walk Like Him” with just his brother sharing the stage with him.

Mitchell Tenpenny’s “Bitches” with a little help from NYC

The singer-songwriter wrapped up his show with the infectious, “Alcohol You Later”, his debut number one single “Drunk Me”, and the crowd-favorite “Bitches”, leaving fans in Manhattan in awe of the incredible night of music that they were just a part of. As fans of Tenpenny for such a long time, it was outstanding to see the sold-out New York City fanbase not only singing along to his major hits, but to every lyric of every album cut, including songs that were released prior to his album. We look forward to watching big things continue to happen for one of our day one artists.




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