Matt Stell: ‘ONE OF US’ – EP Review

Matt Stell’s EP, ONE OF US, is out now, February 10th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Multi-platinum recording artist, Matt Stell is sharing his latest project with country music fans. Today, the singer-songwriter released his brand new EP entitled ONE OF US featuring six songs that any music fan will find themselves relating to.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “One Of Us.” Written by James Barker, Travis Wood, Gavin Slate, and Jim McCormick, the new single is about all of the characters we encounter during our upbringing. Despite all the different places we have grown up in, the small-town dreams, headaches, and everything in between are all the same. In the chorus, Stell proclaims that we are all one in the same.

“We all talk a little small-town bunch of raised right-round-here kids keepin’ it country // We all know a little dirt road // 80-hour workload week never hurt nobody // One of us got a chain if you get stuck //  One of us got a cooler full of cold Bud in the back of his truck // And if that sounds like you then you might be one of us // Yeah, you might be one of us”

“Roots In This Ground” is a beautiful combination of love and nostalgia. Stell finds a way to create a story, amongst all the emotions he expresses in one of our favorite songs on the project.

The nostalgia continues on the next two tracks, “Shut The Truck Up” and “Man Made.” On the former, Stell laments about a break-up, something most of us can relate to. On “Man Made,” his radio single, Stell relies on incredible imagery and the desires we all have.

“All us boys wanna grow up, make our mamas proud // Find that girl who lifts us up when life gets us down // Behind any guy doing anything right is a woman’s work at hand // If a man made anything, it’s ’cause a woman made that man”

The EP explodes into a fun-loving song called “This One’s Gonna Hurt.” Written by heavy hitters, James McNair, Michael Hardy, Cameron Montgomery, and Tyler Hubbard, the song is a bright spot on the cohesive project. The record culminates with the clever and beautiful song, “Somewhere Over The Radio.” The single is an ode to country music and a true love letter to the whole experience. “Somewhere Over The Radio” might be the best on the project, or at least our personal favorite.

Overall, ONE OF US is a dreamy EP that feels cohesive, nostalgic, and 100% Matt Stell. Every country fan should give it a listen or two.

ONE OF US EP Track List:

  1. One Of Us (Gavin Slate, James Barker, Jim McCormick, Travis Wood)^
  2. Shut The Truck Up (Matt Stell, Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill)^
  3. Man Made (Brett Sheroky, Ian Christian)^
  4. This One’s Gonna Hurt (James McNair, Michael Hardy, Cameron Montgomery, Tyler Hubbard)^
  5. Roots In This Ground (Matt Stell, Randy Montana, Nick Walsh, Joe Fox)^
  6. Somewhere Over The Radio (Matt Stell, Clint Lagerberg)*

^Produced by Matt Stell and Ash Bowers
*Produced by Clint Lagerberg


Matt Stell’s new EP, ONE OF US is out now on all streaming platforms.

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