[Listen] Matt Stell’s Rockin’ New Track, “If I Was A Bar”

Matt Stell If I Was A Bar


Matt Stell was put on the map with his singles “Prayed For You” and “Everywhere But On”, but those don’t quite capture his rock country vibe that he brings to his live shows but his new single, “If I Was A Bar” certainly does. He tells the story of a breakup, describing how if he was a bar, he’d be getting over it must faster. There’s a hint of anger still left about the breakup, leaving a bitter taste on the tongue, providing the perfect stage for a gritty, dirt road anthem that’s got a lot of punch.

“I wouldn’t have this broken heart, wouldn’t take your leaving half as hard / Wouldn’t be falling this apart if I was a bar”

Stell always writes from the heart, but this one cuts a little deeper, to someone who’s been wronged and feels the need to let it out. He sings about “letting your exes drink for free” creating camaraderie against the injured. It’s a head-banging, electric guitar track that creates solidarity against the girl who walked out. He creates the armor needed to get through the breakup, and sometimes that works better than sinking into despair. Stell has shown his fans that he can do both: the heart-wrenching love songs and the breakup anthems, both the rock and the country that they love.

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